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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Times are changing, technology is providing new features and, as with the seat belt in automobiles, this will become a standard feature. However, until it becomes more universally distributed to bring the price down there will be more attention to accidents (you can't fix stupid) that will heighten general awareness. This will increase demand and the public will start purchasing the the Sawstop directly, as some have already done. Eventually, the other saw makers will license the technology due to increasing demand for the feature. The first one that does will only havea short window of profit opportunity. However, Sawstop creators could stagger the licensing to allow a grace period for the licensees.

The realm of possibilities opens: allow the first licensee to have a 24 month grace period before the next licensee is allowed to produce with the feature, allowing recouping of the licensing cost and developing a market brand demand. The next tier could be multiple licensee at a lower charge rate. The inventors finally get to gain from their development, financing improved production streamlining to be cost competitive with the newly licensed competition, the market gets a safer product selection set and saving many digits and idiots.

My simple two cents worth.

Regards to all who posted on both sides of the issue. These discussion are critical to continuous improvement in any industry. It is often difficult to keep the emotional content under wraps/control to look at root causes (there are several here) and identify a win-win scenario that will, over time, benefit all.

Although this invention was created in my own "backyard", as a Portlander, I only recently became aware of this feature with the recent Oregonian article. I look forward to getting to the position where I can afford to purchase saws with this safety feature.

Regards to all.

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