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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I'm 60 years young and have lived most my life without the "protection" of the government at every turn. I told my wife once that I was embarrased being part of the human race because it consisted of some of the dumbest creatures on earth. Where does personal responsibility come into our lives. I've been using table saws since I was 8 years old and so far my only injury was a small sliver. Why, because my dad, shop teacher, friends, etc. all spoke the the importance of using my brain and being careful. This guy used his brain to steal money and to make quality saws more expensive in the future so more people will be unable to afford qaulity equipement.
Over the years I've seen stupid lawsuits, the man who sued Swhinn because they didn't tell him it is dangerous to ride a bike in the dark without reflectors, the lady who sued McDonalds because they didn't warn her coffee is hot, and many more. Being a biker I didn't need to be told wearing leathers and a helmet were important for safety. I hate to see safety forced on us, because it takes away our freedom.
Instead of giving a few people millions of dollars because they are stupid, it would be better to use that money to educate our youth on how to live free and still being safe. Either that or ban sports, hiking, camping, mountain climbing, and have specially trained people to hold our hands when we cross the street, test the temperature of our foods, pad all our rooms, get the picture.
Lawsuits and those who can't tie there own shoes are going to ruin our freedoms. Don't laugh it is already happening think of the things we use to do as kids which kids today are not allowed to do.
Sorry about the rant. I would buy that flesh detector if I could afford it but for now I'll use my brain and just be careful and use the dozens safety practices I have been taught.

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