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Liars Dice Game Box's

New dice boxes built for Christmas 2014.


New Kitchen I designed built and installed spring of 2014, sure looks better than the white melamine that was in our kitchen. I used cherry and birdseye cherry veneer in my vacum press to make the...

Game Box's

Custom made Liars Dice Boxes.

New Dice Boxes

Just completed another 6 Liars dice boxes, made from birds eye maple and walnut, finished with 6 coats of satin laquer and a hand rubbed paste wax.

Live Edge Coffe Table

Helped a freind build this California Curly red wood live edge coffe table, 2" thick solid billet of aluminum for the leg and a 3/8" glass lower shelf. He came up with a nice design as well as the...

Work Bench

Lumber from a local bush, Canadian hard maple and Matt Kenney's work bench basic design with some added touches like the tail vise, round dog holes, purple heart dowels in the bottom tresle ends...

Step Stool

This is a step stool I made for my wife, I had the curly hard maple for years and when I saw Tommy's stool in Fine Woodworking I thought it would be fun to build and it was. It's finished with 5...

Liars Dice Game Box

Game box made for my son called liars dice, it has a hidden compartment with 3 dice in it so when you shake the box you hear dice even if there is none in it, made from maple, cherry, and padauk...

Cherry Dresser & Mirror

This Dresser and Mirror combo was made for my master bedroom, it's frame constuction is all solid maple with raised panel (cherry) ends, all the drawers are dovetailed solid maple and cherry, the...

Scrapbooking Cabinet

This is a cabinet I made for my wife's scrapbooking nook in the corner of our family room, it was formerly a closet. It's constructed of 1/2" baltic birch plywood with Curly soft maple doors and hard...

Recent comments

Re: Curly maple and walnut table

Nice work great use of a beautiful piece of curly maple, it would look great in my rec- room!)))

Re: Liars Dice Game Box

New email address is, thank you for your interest.


Re: New Dice Boxes

Yes I do sell a few you can contact me at for more information.

Re: My brand new 100 year old jointer

Matt good for you, I'm sure you are going to love it. I have an 8" jointer but a couple of years ago I found an old AR Williams 12" jointer paid 400 for it and got it fixed up like new for another 600. This is one heavy monster and does a great job. In wood working size does really matter!!!!

Re: Q&A with Period Furniture Maker Philip C. Lowe

Fantastic job Phil I would love to sit in on a few of your classes some day. Keep up the great work I'll be tuning in for future articles.

Cheers Kev!

Re: Cherry Dresser & Mirror

Yes the doors on both sides of the mirror are functional they have 3 shelves inside for storage.

Re: Hall Table

Yes I have to agree with Dickie75 for a nice peice like this I think you should have put down your foot, and made some nice pulls from scratch, they do take away from the the table.Store bought is not always best.

Re: Should Woodworkers Say Goodbye to Ebony?

Sorry Bob it all sounds like the all mighty dollar to me,I'm sure your intentions are well meaning, but I feal it's all about the bottom line. Why not sell your guitars will a less quality fret board if you can convince the general purchasing guitar public.Good luck with the bottom line.

Re: Redwood Bench

D I'm presently working on a coffee table made out of Redwood that has some amazing grain/fiquring and wanted to ask you what kind of finish you used for you bench?


Re: China Hutch

Chad could you drop me an email at, your gmail account does not seem to work!

Thanks Kev!

Re: Garrett Hack Huntboard - Another Twist

I love Garrett's design but a like your choice of lumber better, it really makes this peice pop.

Re: Pennsylvania Spice Box

A true canvas for such beautiful maple great job, this will make someone a very happy heir one day, keep up the great work.

Re: China Hutch

Any chance you have a scale drawing, I would love to build this piece, great job truly one of a kind!


Re: Curly red, and white oak writing desk

You did this spectacular oak lumber justice, great job!


Re: Shaker Inspired Nightstands

Fantastic work keep up the passion!


Re: Greene & Greene inspired Buffet

I love the piece I'm just not a fan of oak!

Re: side table

Very nice job I would love a set of these for my man cave!


Re: side table

Great job the tiger maple looks fantastic against the ebony, not the most inexpensive materials to use but you did truly show there value. Keep up the passion.

Re: Liars Dice Game Box

Anyone looking to purchase one please contact me at

Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

Hi my name is Matt Kenny I'm not only the Groove club president I'm also a client!

Re: Jewelry Box

The Incra system has served you well nice job amazing what Perry's designs look like!

Re: Segmented Turned Feet are Easier than You Think

Dennis beautiful peice of work could you please post a picture of the completed peice?

Thanks Kev!

Re: Kitchen Project

Dean please post again when the project is complete, counter tops, appliances, lighting ect, looks great I have to do the same at my home but on a much smaller scale.

Re: Contemporary coffee table

Very nice knock off, I to am a big fan of David J Marks I think I have every episode of woodworks recorded.Nice job you have a piece to be proud of!

Re: Jewelry Box

You must really love your wife to produce such a nice gift for the mother in law! Just kidding nice work.

Re: Matching Cherry Bedside Cabinets based on T. Rousseau's Plans

Nice job very clean look I bet you enjoyed building them!


Re: Shaker Hall Table

Very nice peice you should be proud of your accompishment!


Re: Work Bench

I used the Louis Volpp method of cutting the dovetails with the table saw. I glued up some 2x6 spruce and made a few practice joints until I was comfortable cutting into the 8/4 hard maple. You can just google table saw dovetails to watch the 3 part u-tube video on how this method works. It's a very accurate method of cutting dovetails.

Cheers! Kev

Re: Freestanding Cabinet

Were did you find such beautiful lumber, it makes the peice!


Re: End Table

Nice original peice the contrast of the wood colours is great, very original design I love it!


Re: Liars Dice Game Box

Are you looking to have one sent to you I could make you one and send it out if you like we would just have to agree on a fair price, they are a lot of fun.


Re: Ministers Humidor

Looks like you have the Incra fence system down pat on the double dovetails, great job!


Re: Humidor for life

This is a very eye catching peice nice work!


Re: Beech Workbench

Looks great I'm currently working on a solid maple bench with twin srew vise and a tail vise I will post a picture when it is complete!I don't see any advantage though of the dust collecting rear tray area!


Re: Take Great Photographs of Your Work--With Any Digital Camera

Asa I have written several articles in the past 4 or 5 years and had 4 published what is your magazine looking for and how do the readers submit articles to the magazine?

Thanks Kev!

Re: UPDATE: DVD Giveaway: Wood Science & Design by Hendrik Varju

Hendrik works and lives just up the road from me but I only see him around once a year at the KW woodworking show, his seminars are always informative and I'm sure his latest DVD would be a great addition to my collection!


Re: Eye Candy

Very creative Andy you should be very proud a great way to recycle and use every part of nature's beauty, keep up the creative ideas and life will always be a new beginning!


Re: Spiral End Mallet

Do you really want to whack away at a chisel with this nice peice of wood working?

Nice Job!


Re: Tool chest with oak tree inlay

My Kitchen dishes need a nice place to live as well got any spare time on your hands? Nice work I to like to create great storage for my tools as well keep up the good work!!


Re: Workbench

Looks to good to work on, very nice job i really like your choices in wood for fabrication it must be a pleasure to work on! Kev.

Re: Keepsake Box

And so she should I do hope she rewarded you for all your hard work, the curly maple looks fantastic great job!


Re: Desk Top Box

John it looks like you have the Incra manual down pat great job now it's time to use those skills on one of your own designs! Again very nice work!!


Re: Scrapbooking Cabinet

Joe send me your email address and I'll take some photo's and measurments to help you out. In the imortal words of my father you should have laid down until the feeling passed!!

Re: Maple & Cocobolo Table

Beautiful table I hope you have a thin piece of plexi-glass or something to protect the top, very well done nice peice!


Re: Jewelry Box with Triple Box Joint Corners

Nice work I'm glad to see someone thinking outside of the Incra Box!


Re: jewelry box with Krenov twist

Nice peice very well done I'm not sure I'm sold on the drawer pulls though! They don't seem to fit the scale?


Re: Scrapbooking Cabinet

Joe I did not make any scaled plans but if you are really intrested I could measure it up and send you a copy!


Re: Alexandra's jewelry box

Very nice work Lance,your daughter must be very proud!!


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