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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I see both sides of the saw maker issue. If they had purchased the technology, they could have only offered it on high dollar saws. After a few lawsuits - they would be forced to use it on lower end saws, forcing the prices way up.

Lawsuit aside, I hope the SawStop technology saturates the saw market over time. I bought the cabinet saw a few years ago for myself and a couple of master carpenters that have helped me remodel a couple of our homes. Aside from being dramatically safer, it is the finest saw we have ever pushed a piece of wood through.

Notably, I think it has made the men work safer, because no one wants to be the knuckle head that triggers the brake, ruining a $110 blade and an $80 brake. This is a better scenario than a buddy of mine - leaning over next to a saw that had already been turned off, blade was coasting, caught the side of his hand, and to surgery he went.......

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

I've done a couple of major remodels in the past few years. I am novice by carpenter standards, but enjoy working hands on side by side with the men when I can.
Long story short, I fell in with some great carpenters (brothers) in their 60's. We were using my contractor saw for ripping. I watched ho comfortable these guys were around the saw and it made me extremely nervous. Then, I read an article about saw injury stats - that these experienced men were in the highest risk rate of injury.
A buddy of mine ended up in surgery after leaning down to pick up a piece of wood after the saw had been turned off but the blade was still spinning - the surgeons managed to save his finger, because the cut went up the side of his hand. That's all I needed to know. I bought a SawStop.
The carpenters thought I was nuts for spending that much money, until they started working on it, best saw they've ever used. Now, the only people they think are nuts are the other saw manufacturers that don't use this technology to protect woodworkers. Though it cost about $1k more than the nearest competitors saw, it's cheap insurance against tragedy.

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