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Offerman's slab flattening jig

Here are some pictures of my attempt at the Offerman designed flattening jig. Many thanks to Mr. Offerman, as this beats the heck out of a hand planer and belt sander.

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Re: Ingenious foot-powered lathe

Totally bad ass! Thanks Chris!

Re: UPDATE: Making Wood Tools with John Wilson

Thanks for your consideration.

Re: UPDATE: Practical Furniture Design from Fine Woodworking

Please enter me for the sole reason that I need all the help I can get.

Re: Using end grain to make drawer front veneers

Great stuff, Sir.

Re: Bandsaw Project

I love it! Very clever use of an non traditional piece of lumber. Nice work!

Re: Nick Offerman: Woodworker and Actor

I have done so, Mr. Pirnik. Thanks!

Re: Nick Offerman: Woodworker and Actor

I agree Mr. Pirnik, Mr. Offerman is a great resource to us woodworkers. I built his slab leveling jig and it works great! As I have already said, I look forward to riding his coattails again!

Re: The Bamboo Blog - Part 2

Pretty darn cool, Mr. Tetreault!

Re: Adrian McCurdy: Furniture Riven from the Log

Good comments, Mr. Greene. Truly amazing stuff. 1/2 inspirational, 1/2 discouraging (for I will never even get close to this level of creativity).


Re: KD 3 Tier Shelf

Very impressive work on many levels! Thank you for sharing!

Re: Update: DVD Giveaway: Working with Plywood by Hendrik Varju

I sure would like to win this baby!

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