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Re: Put Your Furniture Photos to Work

I very much enjoyed your article and it was timely as I just finished some chairs which I needed to photograph.
I used a double halogen and a single as you mentioned and also used a bright white paper backdrop. I used a Nikon d70, set at f20, Iso 100, at first with aperature override which metered about 1.5 seconds. The shadows were quite harsh from the second light and the background was more brown than I would have liked. I did go to manual mode to 10 seconds, f20, and that helped some. Do you have hints for how to really whiten out the background? Also its very difficult for me to figure out where to upload photos here, so I could post my work, but also show you my results above. I would appreciate any comments by you or others, and I can be reached here or at
thank you,

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Windsor Chairmaking by James Mursell

Hope it's not too late. I have built five Windsors starting with Curtis Buchanan. They are contagious. I would love to have that book.

Re: A Fern Stand: Demonstrating My Drawing Process

Hi Dave,
Thanks for your help. I can't seem to find your email, no matter where I click. Mine is Perhaps if you send me a quick note, I can respond to it and get your email that way. I like the idea of the handles and would like to hear more. I think learning how to "fix" the protractor to the correct axis is my major problem. I would entertain any help you can provide, and again, thanks for the great service you are providing.


Re: A Fern Stand: Demonstrating My Drawing Process

I am trying to get comfortable with SU, and there are a couple of things that drive me crazy. I would like to draw chairs, and the legs of course come out at a compound angle. I can get the leg drawn, but what's the best way to rotate the angles? I can figure out in terms of x, y, z, which angles to use, but I think the biggest problem I have is when using rotate and protractor, trying to "fix" it to a specific axis.
Any thoughts on this?

Secondly, what's the best way to then move the tilted leg to a specific spot in a plane (chair seat)?

Thirdly, how can you scoop out bowls in something like a chair seat?

Any help would be appreciated.


ps. We are driving up to Rochester to see friends on new years. I live in Madison, but used to drive a truck thru Rochester when in college.

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