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Flooring Hang-Up

All of the cherry came from discarded cherry floor boards. The Oak base and back support came from discarded 8/4 Oak boards used for house sheathing (1860)

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Re: Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

If I had the space, I would add this machine to my shop without a second thought... I spend hours on the computer designing... when the design is complete I go to the shop and make sure all the equipment is tuned up, then work hard to convert the idea to reality... why not go from idea directly to the robot?
Unparalleled accuracy, minimum wasted time, material, and effort, and high quality output.

This machine will allow me to focus on the tasks a CNC machine can't do... what's bad about that.

Re: Norm Abram at Old Sturbridge Village

Your article on Norm moves me to write and express my appreciation for the Show,its staff and sponsors, and of course the man himself, who over 30 years, taught me the values of planning and patience; the two attributes I appreciate more than any tool I own... because every tool I own works better because of Norm.

If I could speak directly to him, I would offer my best wishes for continued good health and success, and my thanks for sharing so much, for so long, so consistently.

You will be missed!

Re: Eastern Red Cedar Blanket Chest

I like the proportion, the feet, and the color. I think this piece is well done!

Re: nuts and bolts

Very nicely done... nice proportions...a great piece for the material you had...

Re: Once was a dance hall

This is a great effort and beautiful result... love the ironwork detail...If you finished it with Marine grade varnish... it will hold up extremely well... (I just learned this from the latest edition of FW :-)

Re: Flooring Hang-Up

The dimensions are customized for the space I have in my Mudroom: Roughly 67 x 84. I should add the moulding at the top is store-bought clear pine.... and the storage drawer and box bottoms are 1/4" plywood. The drawer interiors are faced with formica to stand up to constant storage use.

Finish is interior Black latex applied with a foam roller Very smooth.. looks like it was sprayed (5 coats) and finished with two coats (HVLP) Clear acrylic. All cherry finished with rub-on Poly (7 thin coats)
After everything had cured I glued the cherry trim pcs to the carcass with Urethane glue (A very thin coat limits foaming)

If you would like a set of the component drawings and a model view (Solidworks) send me an E-mail

I also made a Queen sized bed from the remainder of the Oak siding, about 50% was sawn right from the center of the trees, which provided great Ray/Fleck figure... On this piece, some lathe nail holes are visible (but not in this photo) at the back bottom of the piece.

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