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Re: Top 10 Tips on How to Sell

Excellent, pure and bonified top drawer information!!
Concise and to the point.
I am in the process of puting my products into a more fisical space so Eric`s advice came just in time.

Re: Free Plan: Humidor

The humidors are all destined to become family hierlom`s.
I used to have one that was walnut on the exterior and had copper clad on the inside, not being anything but a weekend wood warrior, does that metal cladding open the door for other woods for construction chioce`s?

Re: Gimlet burl and Blackwood Centerpiece bowl

Fabulious looking wood! Where can I get some? I would like to ( depending on it`s price )use it on a variety of progects. The dark and light colors and with the sponge like inherent componate of the wood is quite catching.

Re: Tool Chest with an Arts & Crafts Legacy

I hope someone becomes inspired enough to do a search of ( if there is`nt some directory already ) all of the wood and metal craftsman of this caliber and where they live so others like myself could visit and mentally emerse ourself in it all, if only for a short time to last a lifetime.

Re: Tool Chest with an Arts & Crafts Legacy

How can one remark to your journey without a large measure of awe to that rich history, as I sit here composing this, I can only wonder at all of your friends and relatives who must be as proud of you and your journey and ( almost ) compair it to joining the milatary or preisthood only better. As not only can they be emensly proud of what you`ve become but might one day own one of your pieces of ( in actuallity americana - sort of, insofaras your work is done by an american master craftsman )work and to think of how many of us actually have anything MADE BY A FAMILY MEMBER, not many.
I had arrived at that realization some time ago and since then have made it a point to make something for each family member who expresses a want for something.
God bless you sir

Re: Carved Chair With Forged Frame

My gosh, that chair is museum quailty!!
That is inspirational! Dude, did you do the metal work as well? That looks like a cross between Angalena Jolee and George Jetsons daugther Judy. Hot man, Hot.
If you`ve done any more things, would it be possible for you to send me a picture?

Re: The Curule Construction - and Ancient X-frame Chair Design

That chair in whatever variation would be a family hierloom for anyone anywhere!
I would welcome an opportunity to further it`s appeal with carving something into it`s back plate. Dang what a sweet chair.

Re: Hand-tool lovers converge on Williamsburg

The fact that some of his furnature did " double duty " is a hugh attraction to me. The making of fine furnature is great, but to have that same piece, be a "working piece" get`s MY ATTENTION.

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