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Shopmade veneer by hand

Hand-tool technique for creating highly decorative veneers

Ingenious foot-powered lathe

Shopbuilt machine is a feat of engineering, resourcefulness

One Big Jointer: One Huge Upgrade

Oregon woodworker offers guided tour of his 12-in. machine

Vintage Nakashima

National Geographic film captures the master at work

Randall O'Donnell discusses his craft

Online video series Makers Minds features period furniture master and FWW author Randall O'Donnell

Dale Nish, 1932-2013

Influential woodturner Dale Nish died Saturday.

Student work shines at Santa Fe show

Campus exhibit highlights fine woodworking program

Fine Tools in the Desert

In Mesa, AZ, Bob Howard makes custom hand tools for woodworkers

Arizona woodworkers put craft on display

Phoenix based club hosts annual Excellence in Woodworking Show

Hidden Genius: The Extraordinary Furniture of Roentgen

In the Roentgen's 18-century furniture, lavish marquetry and ornament conceals brilliant mechanical workings

Arts and Crafts Wall Shelf

Build a beautiful display piece

Free Plan: Porringer Style Tea Table

Period furniture expert Dan Faia shows how to build a Queen Anne classic.

Tablesaw Safety Around the Clock

Reader's accidental project is a constant safety reminder

I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree

But this one might grow on you...

Points West: Artistry in Wood

Sonoma County Woodworkers Put on Quite a Show

Free Plan: Mahogany Coffee Table

Build a beautiful coffee table with help from Mario Rodriguez

Points West: Woodworkers show their best at the OC Fair in Orange County

SoCal contest sees huge increase in entries

Smart Sandpaper Storage

Wall-mount cabinet abrasives sorted and handy

Furniture Masters Plan Annual Showcase

New Hampshire group's annual auction in 17th year

Build a Pie Safe

Detailed instructions in this free download

A Smart Cart for Scraps

Cutoff container helps organize an important shop resource

Arts and Crafts Side Table

Stickley inspired piece works well anywhere

Salute to a Tree Lover

If you care about trees – and what woodworker doesn’t – you’ll want to know about Frank Knight.

Woodworking classes, resort style

New school offers classes in a mountain retreat setting

Quick to Build Tool Cabinet

Jan Zoltowski built this cabinet after amassing tools for 35 years. There's no reason for you to wait that long.

A Woodworker's Musical Masterpiece

Ingenious puzzle desk unlocks secrets—if you can play its tune

Green Woodworking?

One motorist's idea of a snazzy shopmade add-on

Extension Dining Table

Intimate dinner or family feast, build a table that will fit any occasion

Pencil-Post Bed

A traditional champion from Lonnie Bird.

Make Millions in Woodworking in only 250 Years

Signed Townsend chest nets $3.1 million at auction

Free Plan: Wall Cabinet in Cherry

Spare design highlights traditional joinery

Candle holder makes a quick but elegant gift

If you need a quick project for a late but welcome holiday gift, this simple candle holder will fit the bill.

Spinning Rack Keeps Lathe Tools Handy

Submitted by a Fine Woodworking reader, this simple shop project creates a space-saving way to store your gouges, parting tools and other turning gear.

Free Plan: Arts and Crafts bookcase

Learn how to build a bookcase from beautiful curly cherry

A cache of old stones and gouges to restore

Descending to the in-laws' basement and coming up with woodworking treasures

Furniture Masters to Show their Work

Wealth of talent on display in New Hampshire exhibit

Accurate crosscuts on the tablesaw

A simple trick for aligning your cut mark with the blade

Twin jewelry boxes

A matched pair of boxes makes a late Mother's Day present

A Bicycle Built of Wood

Project grew from a friendly bet

Furniture and history

Period makers donate pieces to museum exhibit

How to put a simple bench in just the right place

"Chairbombing" is not what it sounds like. Making neighborhoods more liveable, one woodworking project at a time

This mitered box is perfect for...what?

Seeking a second life for a shop practice piece

Exhibit Features Furniture Inspired by History

RISD students use fallen trees from historic sites

Building a Memorial Flag Case

A woodworker's labor of love

Kids' Woodworking Classes in the Spotlight

Parents are discovering the virtue of teaching kids to work with their hands.

Inventor of Super Glue Dies

A chemist who left his mark on woodworking

Guild Moves to Huge New Shop

South Carolina group keeps growing and expanding its mission

2010 Woodworker's Holiday Wish List

Our "top ten" woodworking wish list is a sure bet for anyone in search of a last-minute gift this holiday season.

FWW Gallery Contributor is "Best in Show" - Again

For the second straight year, Boston furniture maker Kevin Mack has taken home a first-place ribbon from the Providence Furnishings Show.

Stealth Woodworking

Under cover of night, a public crusader with a toolbox

Plywood - A subject with many layers

A review of Hendrik Varju's 5-dvd set on working with sheet goods

Emma Frid 1918 - 2010

Furniture makers remember Emma Frid, Tage Frid’s wife, who passed away on Friday at the age of 92.

Furniture Maker named Artist Laureate

David Lamb chosen to as arts spokesman for New Hampshire

Fire Claims an Artist's Shop

New Hampshire furniture maker Jon Brooks loses his eclectic workshop and studio to fire

Thos. Moser chairs to star in one-act plays

And no, the one act isn't just sitting

A table you can drop a bowling ball on

If you like reclaimed wood, this might be right up your alley

Alan Peters, 1933-2009

English Furniture Maker was living link to Britain's Arts & Crafts Movement

A Glimpse of Rarely Seen Period Furniture

Exhibit offers look at seldom displayed rural pieces

A catalog of great furniture design

Inspiring pieces up for auction next week

In Woodworking Circles and Beyond, Sam Maloof Still Draws a Crowd

The late furniture maker will be an important presence at this year's SOFA expo

Nakashima: The Early Years

Exhibit highlights formative years of craftsman's career

A Mid-Century Master

An auction highlights California furniture maker John Nyquist

How to build a table, in 60 seconds

Wood and film, both skillfully cut

Legally blind and still woodworking

Here's a fellow who's dedicated to his craft

Build a table, plant a tree

Furniture Maker Shackleton aims to sustain his craft by reminding customers where their furniture comes from

A book full of wooden boxes

Better than a box full of books

Woodworking in Spain

Barcelona shop turns out a variety of fine work

Design Inspiration from the set of Mad Men

The award-winning drama's perfect sets are a great place to look for furniture ideas

Bandsaw Bravado

Woodworker gives new meaning to "fast and furious" as he creates a charming chotchkie

Sharpening 101: A Lesson in Cutting the Cheese?

Sharpening Doctor Gary Rogowski uses a hunk of cheddar to explain the difference between single, double, and hollow-grind bevels in this video tutorial

Retirement living for woodworkers

Is it possible to downsize without losing the shop?

Becksvoort honored

Maine arts group recognizes FWW contributing editor

How many hammers does it take to drive a nail?

How not to kill time in your woodworking shop.

From the Shipwright's Toolbox

Giant lathe turns logs into sailing masts

To Build an Heirloom, Start with an Heirloom

A dresser for a daughter copies prized family piece

Become one of our Tool Experts; Win Fabulous Prizes

Our annual Tool Survey is underway...

M*A*S*H's Colonel Potter in Fine Woodworking

Klinger! Mill up some more walnut!

Furniture Maker's Shop Destroyed by Fire

Blaze also claims unfinished pieces by Mark Levin

Woodworking in a New York City Apartment

Feeling cramped in your garage or basement shop? You might want a look at this…

A Woodworker's New Year

With apologies to Guy Lombardo...

Recent comments

Re: Shopmade veneer by hand

@saschafer - Thank you for the link! Hope you enjoyed the video.

Re: Tablesaw Safety Around the Clock

Ralph, I've got those mental film clips too. I usually play them long enough to make myself shudder, and then I'm good. John, I'm adding your suggestion to my pre-flight checklist for the miter gauge. Terrific idea. Thanks to both of you!

Re: Quick to Build Tool Cabinet

You know, I have bifocals. Maybe I need to start wearing them. Apologies to all for the misdirection in my previous comment - and thank you, PumaDave!

Re: Quick to Build Tool Cabinet

@Maigret: You are absolutely correct. Nice catch, and thank you for pointing it out! Folks, the bevels on those cleats in the color drawing will not interlock. They'll slide right past one another and your cabinet will wind up on the floor about as soon as you let go of it. Refer to the side detail drawing underneath, as Maigret suggests. It will definitely work better that way. In the meantime, I'll see what I can do about getting that color drawing fixed. - Steve S.

Re: Table boldly goes where no woodworker has gone before

Nice, Tom.
Barry seems to be an enterprising woodworker.

I can hear Shatner now: "She's my coffee table and you're not taking her!"

Re: Candle holder makes a quick but elegant gift

@jmotto and woodluc: Thanks to you both for the kind words. This was a fun project, and I like the idea of using something from the scrap bin, keeping it simple and creating something useful and decorative.

Re: Candle holder makes a quick but elegant gift

@David and Pitbully: Thanks very much for the comments and, I'm happy to report. the piece was a success when I brought it home. Candle-light dinner last night. Kids: "Is the power out again?"

Re: Accurate crosscuts on the tablesaw

I should probably clarify that the sliding cut technique doesn't involve multiple cuts.It is one very light cut that tracks laterally until the cut line is reached, and then through the stock. I'm also sure Steve would agree that it's not a long-term substitute for fresh fence and deckplates on the sled.
It's also worth pointing out that Steve's occupation is training college kids for careers in production wood shops. I'm sure his students would tell you how firmly he emphasizes the ideas of safety, efficiency and proper set-up.

Re: Twin jewelry boxes

WoodJack - I was on the road for a couple of days so I missed your comment. Sorry for the slow reply. The sides are about 1/4 in. thick, maybe 5/16. I'll measure them tonight...

Re: This mitered box is perfect for...what?


I think you might be onto something there. It's funny, because I've been tossing pens into it while it sits here on my desk, but they don't know whether to lie down or stand up, and the whole affair winds up looking a little sloppy. Your idea is a touch of class - thanks!

Re: Building a Memorial Flag Case

Thanks Gary! Nice photos on the site of an impressive and worthwhile project. Folks, check the "activities" link on the Diablo homepage to find photos of the project and a PDF of the club's instructions. Gary, hope you find building the case a rewarding experience - Best of luck! Steve S.

Re: Building a Memorial Flag Case


Thanks very much for your comment. Although my Dad received some jump training - and loved it - he actually wound up in missiles (air-defense artillery they called it in the 60s - not sure if the term exists today). He served at Nike missile batteries in Germany and S. Korea. Thanks again, and thanks for your service!

Re: Alan Peters, 1933-2009

Thanks very much for the note about Rob Cosman. I fixed the language in the blog post to reflect Peters' broader influence.

Re: Retirement living for woodworkers

Thanks to everyone for your suggestions! As a former Dallasite, I was especially glad to see the Texans weighing in.
Anyway, I'll share your ideas with our reader. Thanks again!

Steve S.

Re: M*A*S*H's Colonel Potter in Fine Woodworking

Thanks for mentioning that, ctsjr82 - that was a great one. I remember Blake staring up at the helicopter as it airlifts his desk into the sunset.
Trapper: “Sending it out to be waxed, Henry?” Wonderful stuff.

Re: M*A*S*H's Colonel Potter in Fine Woodworking

Oooh - sharp eye, Tim! It might actually be Gannon, but only if “This is the City…”
I wish our website had video of Gannon’s partner, Joe Friday, lecturing some youthful offender about tablesaw safety. He always meant business.

Re: Fun reading for the lover of wood


Given your review, maybe the word "splintered" in the title constitutes truth in advertising...?

Steve S.

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