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Kent Shepherd's Shop

This is my shop that I built about 4 years ago. As you well know it takes time to really get a shop like you want it. Of course you never totally get there, but I feel I've made good progress...

Spiral End Mallet

I own a raised panel cabinet door company, and sometimes we get to do an order out of exotics. Of course I never throw those scraps away. Just for fun I created this mallet using Bubinga and Hard...

Recent comments

Re: Is the Radial Arm Saw on its Last Legs?

I guess I am one of the few that still uses radial arm saws. In my 45+ years of woodworking, I have always had one, and would hate to give it up. I keep hearing how dangerous they are, but in all my years in a production shop, I have yet to see a radial arm saw accident. I certainly can't say that about table saws, jointers and shapers. Of course you can get hurt---they have sharp spinning blades!

I basically don't do anything but cross cut though. I never understood why anyone ever recommended ripping with a radial arm saw.I have used them for dados some in the past, and was comfortable doing that.

There is not a sliding miter saw I know of that would hold up in a production shop. Now we are using a 12" Delta RAS that is probably about ten years old. It's typically running 8 hours a day. For a hobbyist, I can see only having a sliding miter saw, but for production, I will stick with my RAS.

Re: The Sale of Fine Woodworking Magazine

Gary, You are a sick man---sick, but funny

Thanks for the laugh

Re: Elegant Rocking Horse

Incredible work. I have been plannig to build one for my grandaughter for a while. You have just motivated me to start it. I am very impressed with what you have done


Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

When is this country going to begin to hold idiots responsible for their own actions? Our judicial system has become a joke when it comes to this sort of litigation. Shame on the lawyers, the judge, the jury, and of course Mr. Osorio. How dare him take this issue to court. Saw Stop technology was available when he bought the saw. He chose to take the cheap way out, knowing the risks involved in using a table saw. And if he didn't, it's his responsibility to learn before using the saw. I'm sure there was an owners manual clearly stating the dangers and safety precautions. The lawyers took care of that years ago. Now we are bombarded with so many warnings, that we ignore them. Whose fault is that? Frivolous lawsuits maybe?

By the way, I might add that I am a professional woodworker. I have used a table saw safely for about 45 years without the new technology.I have been injured much more by box knives and screw drivers. I guess I should have sued Stanley.

I'd like to add another examble , attempting to show how ridiculous this whole lawsuit is. There is obviously technology for safety glass. So, if someone doing something stupid and puts themself through a window without safety glass, and is injured, then according to this court decision, the glass manufacturer should be held liable for the injury. All glass will have to be safety glass, because the technology is there, and we must protect the "little people" If this ruling stands, no one will ever buy a cheap tool again, because all manufacturers will either stop making them, or their tools will be so expensive, hobbyists will become extinct. Mr Osorio,and of course your lawer, I hope you enjoy your 1.5 million while the rest of this once great country pays a huge price.

Re: Eye Candy

OK Andy, I always love your work, but I'm not real crazy about competing against it. You raise the bar whenever you post your projects. Thanks, Kent Shepherd

Re: Spiral End Mallet

stikk, Actually I do use it to "whack away" I have 2 different sizes that I use all the time. I find I whack better with good looking tools. LOL---Thanks

Re: Poll: What accessories, jigs, and shop gear are on your holiday wish list?

I would love to have a new gas heater for my shop. I have been using a propane space heater, but my shop is so well insulated that the fumes are getting to me after just a few minutes, unless I open a door, which sort of defeats the purpose of a heater.

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