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Re: Hand Tools Reinvented

Some of the most beautiful pieces I've ever seen in my life. Truly inspirational. The fit and finish of these tools is like nothing I've ever seen before except out of Hotley's shop, and Hotley sets the bar extremely high. The difference being is Wong's tools are a bit more ambitious and original. Very nice!

Re: Occupy Woodworking

I live in Maine and am a weekly customer at their location in Bar Harbor, Maine. Is an absolute gold mine for someone like me. All my user antique tools, saws, planes, brace, bits, etc. come from this place. Thanks to Skip for traveling the country to make these tools available to us Mainer's. Would not be the woodworker I am today without the Tool Barn. Please help support Skip and his endevour to make these tools available to us.

Re: Free Handplane Book Download for Online Members

What? No ability to download this book now? I don't understand why it even has this page in existance if it's not available. It says Special Offer to ALL members with no comments about any dates and yet gives you no link to go to. Kind of a false advertisement if you ask me. And I see nothing about any plans either. Not sure where you're going with that comment. Whats the deal yo?

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