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Re: Tablesaw Safety Goes Under the Microscope--Again

They obviously don't care about saving fingers, only the appearance of saving fingers. The last bullet point states, "however, the saw may include a bypass function to allow a user to volitionally bypass the system to cut, for example, conductive materials such as aluminum." What if I am done cutting my aluminum, and don't reengage the safety system? What if I disengage the safety system, because I know that my finger is going to be close to the blade as it goes by, and I might touch the side of the blade, but don't want to pay for a new blade and sacrificial stop mechanism? Is Sawstop going to be sued? It is more likely that Sawstop dude hired some lobbyist who took some legislators to dinner, and the legislators didn't think this through, and think this is a great idea. ugh.


Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I recently saw a vehicle automatically stop to avoid hitting something. The driver did nothing, and the vehicle stopped. That is amazing technology that is available for automobiles. I want everyone to go get in your new vehicle and rear-end someone and then sue the maker of your car for not installing automatic braking on all of their cars. Also, fire suppression systems can be installed on all vehicles... Pop up roll bars too, back seat airbags, run flat tires, How about something that inflates in case the car is submerged, so it floats back to the surface and the occupants don't drown. A lot of accidents occur when someone is speeding. How about a car that automatically knows the speed limit and governs the speed. Now the cheapest car you can buy will cost you about $65,000. If this lawsuit gets to the point where Ryobi's parent company has to pay this guy, then the cheapest table saw you can get will be $1,200. I'll still be using my 1955 Sears without any safety equipment.

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