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Re: Mind bending grain wrap for your next box

This would not be a big article in the magazine, but it would be a well-received article. There a lot more of us with the skills to build this, than there are with the skills to build one of the antique furniture reproductions that often appear. (I do, of course,recognize the value of those also, in a magazine the caliber of yours.)

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

When does a tool become a "cheater"? Would a purest prefer a rock found in the yard over a hammer?...

Re: Complete Inventory of Fine Woodworking Videos

Over a year ago, I posted the only other comment you see regarding this list of videos. I still feel the way I did when I wrote it. It's a great resource. Woodworkers at all levels can learn from these videos. I have two concerns about this list:
1. I'm sure dozens (or maybe scores) of videos have been produced since its initial posting on April 5, 2011. I see no evidence that any have been added to the list since then.
2. You have to know the list exists before you can find it, and then finding it is difficult. I only know about the list because it was a topic on your home page for a short time. When it rotated off your home page, I thought I would be able to find it through your search engine. Not so easy! I had forgotten the title of the list so I searched using the words "list" and "videos" in every permutation I could imagine. I wound up finding it after several frustrated attempts led me to an article that had it listed in the "Related Content" list at the end of that article. At that point, I made it my favorite for your website. I didn't want to chance losing it again. The only way I have been able to find this article with your search engine is to use the word "inventory". "List of videos" certainly won't do it.
I expected there to be quite a list of comments, but my lone comment (unanswered) from over a year ago is still the only one there. I can't believe that no one else has anything to say about this comprehensive list with TONS of your greatest information. I suspect that very few people can find it, or even know of its existence.

My pushy, yet productive recommendations are:
1. Put it out there somewhere! List it in your "videos" drop-down menu. Maybe as the first item! I guarantee you that woodworkers (especially hobbyists) will find it popular. I have spent many hours watching these videos from this list. I would have never even known to search many of the topics represented on this list. The only way I found the topics was through this list.
2. Call it a Comprehensive "List" of Videos. An "Inventory" is unnecessarily vague, and a "List" is crystal clear.(Granted, a small matter, but a clarifying improvement.)
3. Update it! Find a way to get the new videos listed in a somewhat timely manner.

You have a valuable resource here. It just needs some attention.
Note: I'll be sending this to your Editors' email box also. I'm not sure anyone is reading these comments.

Re: Shop Talk Live 3: Diminishing Returns

Asa.... When Ed goes to lunch, steal his laptop and delete that annoying sound drop software... Steve M.

Re: Easy-On Wax Finish for Furniture

Sorry. I accidentally posted my message before it was done... I built a bookcase about 25 years ago and I recently spruced up the finish. I cleaned and top-coated the shelves, the outside of the case, and face-frame. but not wanting to re-coat the insides, I just wanted to wax and rub out that part. I found it was horrible with dust nibs in the old poly finish. I had finished it in a dusty area, and I hadn't rubbed out the finish. (I hadn't even HEARD of rubbing out a finish back then.)I tried the wax and 0000 steel wool, but that process just took the peaks off. The finish now felt like it had a bad case of acne. So I put wax on a pad of 600 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper, lightly worked the nibs, and immediately wiped off the wax, and it was like glass! I worried the sheen would be different on the high spots, but not so. I didn't even need to add another coat of wax.

Re: Easy-On Wax Finish for Furniture

I have a bookcase that I made about 25 years ago. I REALLY

Re: Complete Inventory of Fine Woodworking Videos

I hope this page stays available over time. What a great resource! Is there a way to "Favorite" this list?

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