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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Sawstop may have a great technology, but it's price point puts it out of my reach. Yeah, luxury cars incorporate a lot of extra technology but should I be deprived of my own transporation because I can not afford a Lexus or BMW etc? I get the car that fits my budget and adjust to its limitations.

I would like to question why this guy did not plop down the $4000 or so needed for the SawStop in the first place? Why buy something that is not top of the line and then blame the manufacturer for missing features. I am sure Ryobi did not hold a gun to his head... Mind you I know at least one person who has a Ryobi saw and is quite happy with it.

Can we have a follow-through and find out what eventually happens to the award? And, if possible, who gets it - this guy or his lawyer?

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