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Collaborative box

This is a collaboration between Jim Barbour, the woodworker, and Margot Thigpen, the glass artisan. It is roughly eight by four inches. The box is Bloodwood with the glass medallion set in an inset...

Recent comments

Re: Gary Rogowski on how woodworking fulfills him

I think we can probably let the crude comment at the beginning slide. Gary is, after all, quoting the thoughts of a late teenage college student in a Victorian Literature class that has drifted to the professor's desire to turn wooden bowls. Yes, it detracts from what is otherwise and excellent rumination on woodworking and the connections to both wood and making with hand tools engender, but kept in context it is perhaps appropriate, though unwise.

Besides, the notion of making bowls from wood, when we have so many other materials that make bowls that are so much more "user friendly" (dishwasher safe, leak proof, low maintenance, etc.), does superficially seem pretty dumb. When I was 19 there were lots of things that seemed dumb and seem quite different now. As principally a turner, I completely understand that turning wooden bowls is an exercise that goes well beyond the mere usefulness of the bowl, but at 19 I am not sure I got it. I am however, quite sure that my thoughts at that age would have been just as unfiltered as Gary's were.

Re: UPDATE: A Lesson Plan for Wood Turning by James Rodgers

As one who occasionally teaches wood turning I am always on the lookout for new how-to books on the subject.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Molly does all my roughing work -- she's the original ShopDog at our place!

Some time back I made a set of something like these involving toolbox drawer lining rubber and 2X4s. They work pretty well, but I suspect these may be better.

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