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Re: 50 Cent Chisels

These are beautiful chisils and probable better than most new chisels for sell. I am just as impressed with your ability to turn yard waste into fantastic functioning handles. Dog wood and Drake Elm - you must live in the northern U.S.?

Re: Walnut and Cerajiera Crotch Dining Room Set

60 hours to complete? Really? Did you build it from a kit? I would think a table that well crafted and intricate would take everal hundred hours.

Re: White Oak Desk Top Organizer

Very Nice! I have needed something to put on my table top beside my desk to contain the mess and clutter. I just found it. Thanks

Re: Arts and Crafts Front Door

Beautiful door! Great craftsmanship. Where did the hardware and glass come from?

Re: Whiteside Rolls Out the Cadillac of Flush-Trimming Bits

Dang, $150! That gives me a headache!

Re: Peter Shepard Turns the Page

Beautiful work Peter. Congratulations on living your dream. This gives me pause to think what I might have done when I was 40, 15 years ago. Instead, I am in a soul and creativity crushing "bean counter" job. Alas, my wooodworking projects today look amateurish and show little improvement over what I did 25 years ago.

Re: Coker Live Edge Coffee Table

Beautiful presentation of a great slab of cherry. How did your first two attempts at a slab table turn out?

Re: Shaker style entertainment center

I am doing a desk in red oak and want to pickle it white, just like yours. I have tried some water based stain with so - so results. Any ideas or advise?

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