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Re: New Woodworking Machinery Maker Hits the Ground Running

NIce comments. Guess you all have already used the equipment, huh?

Re: What hand tools can't you live without?

Have you thought of lining the drawer bottoms with Kaizen Foam. It is great as you can create recesses for your tools (like chisels and measuring tools) by cutting away the foam. It either comes in thinner thicknesses for shallower drawers or I've even "resawed" the thicker foam just like resawing wood on a band saw. Even if you don't cut out the tool shapes to hold specific tools, the tools are cushioned and don't roll around. It's great stuff!

Re: A&C Prairie Style Entertainment Center

What did you mean by "suspended" on the 8 legs?

Re: Cutlists are a waste of space

The lesson to me from all of this. . . We all have a huge amount of time to write and read blog comments (me included). I think I'll try using some of that time to actually create the cutlist needed for my next project instead of arguing about the merits of a cutlist.

Re: Cutlists are a waste of space

Part of the fun and satisfaction of building a piece of furniture, cabinet, or anything is to be able to make that piece yours. Generating a cut list would imply that the woodworker doesn't want to really do that. For a true beginner, it would be a great lesson to be able to generate a cutlist and build exactly the piece described. I think that this can be done based on almost all drawings I've seen in FWW. Even if you build the piece exactly as is, it would be almost impossible to make it with every piece being exactly the same size as the drawing. Most people don't own tools that are quite that accurate or have eyes that can be used to measure that accurately. It would be extremely lucky if, by using the cut list supplied the only problem encountered would be that you cut the pieces a little too long. I'm not that lucky. Maybe FWW could supply a cutlist from their website on demand for those who still want this feature.

Re: Tablesaw techniques I wouldn't recommend

I normally don't respond, but are you all taking this guy seriously? C'mon.

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