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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I've come in late on this one, so I'm probably on the backside of anything that could have possibly been said and repeating something that's already out there... I think this guy is a gold digger. I also think his lawyers are leaches on society. And finally, the jury was very misinformed. One wonders what the outcome would have been if the jury had actually been of his peers.

However, he's won, and this is going to happen over and over again as long as anyone uses a power tool and can absolve themselves of personal responsibility, especially if the appeals courts uphold the lower court's decision.

If the power tool industry doesn't want to suffer this indignity over and over again, maybe they should pool some R&D money to develop the technology (independent of Saw Stop's) before the morons bankrupt them, and make it patent royalty free. That way, the cost could be reduced for all, the companies and the consumers. Additionally, the leaches would dry up on this front, and stupid people that use table saws with total disregard for following safety guidelines would be protected from themselves, and the rest of us would be protected from absorbing the costs of their ignorance.

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