Clanton, AL, US

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Work in Progress

New shop for 2011. It's a work in progress. Hope to upgrade some old tools as well. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Recent comments

Re: Real Antique Wood Mill Shop

looks like a serious wood shop, and you can cut your own lumber, that's great.

Re: A Hobbyist Northwoods Shop and Hideout.

outstanding looking shop. i really like the old tools. seems to be very well organized.

Re: Work in Progress

Jim and Karlitoes,
This is a 30x50 pole barn. I had the building erected by an outfit from north Alabama, but any pole barn supplier can do it. I had the roof insulated when they put the roof tin on. I then closed in the sides, insulated, and put Hardy cement siding on the exterior. I did all the wiring myself. I will attempt to upload some current pictures. Thanks guy's for the interest.

Re: Charrette Farms Wood Shop

Outstanding. You also have a nice profile picture with the JD tractor.

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