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Re: Borrowing Tools

Many years ago my dad loaned a Troy-Built tiller and a Case tractor to a neighbor. Both were returned with ruined engines. My policy since then has been: bring it over and let me help you do it. that way I am in control of my tools and the friend gets his job done.

BTW, I keep a set of Wal-mart chisels around for doing stuff i would not dream of doing with the good ones. Keeps things mellow if the wife wants to scrape cement.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

As a printer of over 35 years and a woodbutcher I saw a lot of folks in the printing industry missing digits when I got in the field. I also saw some who had all of them. We all ran the same equipment, the difference was in apying attention to what you are doing.

I have a scar on my belly from getting in a hurry and trying to lift a stopped dado off the saw without giving it time to spin the dado set down. Made a nasty gouge on my belly. Did I even think of suing Delta or Freud because I did something stupid? No, I told myself that was stupid and resolved to remember the dado doesn't stop as quickly as a saw blade and I went on to finish my project(after replacing the nice peice of oak that was now firewood)

Some things are just dangerous and you have to pay attention to what you are doing. All the guards and covers you can add through government regulations will not stop accidents. You can't legislate away stupidity and carelessness.

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