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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

You know I just can't take this anymore. Does everyone really think Carlos is so stupid that he went to work one day and said" Gee I think I will stick my hand in the saw today? Was he stupid for not having a gaurd on the saw? If he was then about 95% of Woodworkers in America are stupid as well. Many woodworkers boast that the first thing they did when they bought their saw was to take the gaurd off and throw it away. Does everyone really think Carlos was Greedy? Do you really think he went to work with the intention of mangling his hand, to the tune of incurring $384,000 in hopsital bills? Did those of you who are so outraged at this award know that Carlos asked for $250,000 BUT THE JURY AWARDED HIM $1.5M. Perhaps after the Jury heard that Ryobi had agreed to license the Sawstop Technology but then backed out. Perhaps when they heard the power tool manufacturers say "Safety Doesn't Sell" They intended to send them a message.

I think our society is quick to sue... but in this case if that's what it takes to prevent accidents like this from happening then it will bring about a positive result. What if Carlos was your dad, or your brother, or your son, or your grandson? How much more would you spend on a table saw to prevent what happened to him?

Re: SawStop rolls out a more affordable cabinet saw, aimed at serious hobbyists

I sure hope you don't live to regret that statement. I own a Sawstop and I think twice about using a non Sawstop tablesaw any more. I am no less cautious on my Sawstop than I was before but now I know that should an accident happen then I have a measure of protection. My dad and grandfather drove their cars for many years without seatbelts and they never had an accident, but I buckle mine every time I get in the car, even though my car has air bags which increased the cost of the car and tha cost of the repair should I have an accident.

I know one guy who in the last cut he was making on a Sunday evening grabbed a flopping piece of 1/4 " plywood to steady it, but the blade caught the piece pulling the plywood and his thumb through the blade. I also know a guitar player who after a SawStop tablesaw accident could not play the guitar.... for about two weeks because the strings kept getting caught in the nick on his callouse. I think either of these guys would gladly pay for just one cartridge and one new Forrest blade. The even sadder part of this is the guy who cut off his thumb gave up woodworking alltogether.

I have yet to understand why people are opposed to technology that can prevent potentially severe and crippling injury.

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