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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

As a life long wood worker, including time spent as a manufacturer, I find it totally incomprhensible how someone can succeed in such a stupid suit. I have experienced people who worked with me that got hurt on power tools and in all cases those hurt admitted it was their fault.
Oh well such is the joys of living in the litiginous 21st century where personal responsibility has gone completely out the window.
Ryobi is to be credited with producing tools the average Joe can afford and one wonders how this will effect their availability. I personally own a number of Ryobi tools because of their quality and price.
As for the Saw Stop technology, I am a little concerned about its longevity and endurance. Alos, I do not have the workshop space to house one of their saws so that the technology is out of reach for me until I get a larger, more permanent shop.
I do not think that Saw Stop should feel vindicated because this was not a win for SWaw Stop, but instead it was a loss for all of us involved in the woodworking industry.

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