st augustine, FL, US

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Re: The 20 year dream

Hi Mike, nice looking shop. I'm currently in the process of designing one myself and was wondering how you manage to heat the space with that garage door. I like the idea of that much access, but don't know how I would seal it for efficient cooling- I live in the south!



Re: How to Make a Scratch Stock for Beading

Did I miss something, or was there no instructions re making the holder? Seems simple enough though. Is the saw kerf done with a band saw or hand saw...? Also I assume you could also chamfer the adjacent edge to allow for use on curved pieces, right?

Thanks, Ron

Re: Gearing Up for a Workbench Video Workshop Series

Hi Ed, This is exactly what I have been looking for. I've been doing the workbench shuffle for about a year now unable to settle on one design. This preliminary looks perfect. Once you have the plan finalized, think you could put it on the web site for sale without waiting for the filming to be completed?

Thanks, Ron

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