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Re: Chippendale Chest on Chest

Man ! That is nice. Couldn't be better.
I am really enjoying the fan and how well you carved it.
The reeding/beading and how one is echoed in the other up near the top is a fine thing to experience.
Good job on the visual aspect of selection and use of the grain.
From design you found to wood, craftsmanship and traditional finish you sure brought it all together.

Re: Lady's Travelling Box - Williamsburg Conference

I haven't even started in on all that you are presenting here but I am already getting an inkling of things to come in your presentation.
This is what I come to FWW for, or used to, dang this is enough to make me resubscribe/reup my membership .
Thank You !

Re: Pennsylvania Spice Box

Quite nice !
Before starting did you have a specific purpose for the use of the drawers. (what are you going to store in this spice box ?)
The diamond in the door will probably mellow nicely in the years to come and have less contrast. It will just get prettier and prettier.
Alternatively maybe some colored wax rubbed on in the mean time would satisfy your desire for less contrast.
In any case way to go !
This is one of my favorite types of furniture.

Re: SIlver Chest

Astonishingly nice piece ! Way to go.
Bubinga is such great stuff. You really show cased it by using it as drawer fronts.
Contrast without going over the top. I wouldn't change a thing.
I too will look for more of your work.

Re: Split Top Roubo Workbench

Gap stop with slots:
Wow that could be pretty handy.
Thanks for the response.
Always something new for me to learn about in the world of wood.

Re: Split Top Roubo Workbench

Great looking work bench ! Way to go !
Any way we could see another photo of the middle area of the bench where it is "split" ? Do the halves move or are they fixed?

Re: New Hand Tools: Happy Holidays to Me

Hey show those turkies that don't care for your calligraphy with the magic marker (I must admit to being one of them) and add a chip carving knife to your list. It is super easy to chip carve your monogram into the handle. That way it will still be legible later as well.

I am not belittling chip carving. Chip carving in it's higher form takes skill and planning, as far as I can tell (I am not much past monograms myself). : )
I like the plastic handled folding carver knives. I was caring one in my back pocket when I had a major bicycle crash. I slid on that instead of my ass. Saved a lot of skin. Hardly marked the handle and still works great ! Tough knife. I tried to find a link but oh well; black reinforced plastic handle, brass rivets, good blade, inexpensive.

Hey, and thanks for the reminder to get one of those flat tapes.

Thanks for your blog

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