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Bob's BasementUpGrade

It all started when I bought a new jet Table saw. I thought I should Finally dry wall my shop. Sooo after about 3 months of working on weekends I finally got it done. Now I am in the process of...

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Re: Fine Woodworking On the Road: Come out and see us

looks like we have a disconnect here between the staff of FWW and its readers. Readers desire for wodworking classes in different areas besides the east coast and the midwest. i wonder what it will take to make the powers that be to see it is in their own best interest to hold these classes as requested

Re: Bob's BasementUpGrade

jr64 Thanks It was a lot of hard work but I think it will be worth the effort. Thanks for your kind words

Re: Ideas for Woodworking's Own Reality TV

I would definitely be interested in a reality show dealing with setting up different machines for different projects in ONE person shops. This has never been done all the wood working shows always omit this

Re: MIT Students and Professor Invent Handheld CNC Router System

I definitely want One :)

Re: Fine Woodworking On the Road: Come out and see us

I agree with MNAC Woodworks Get your butts to the Pacific Northwest.

Re: What is Furniture Lab?

There are many different lines of furniture I would like to see as many as possible here presented in a coherent manner.

Re: New 12-inch Miter Saw from Bosch

The new Bosch Miter Looks and probably performs great. I wonder how many they will sell for $800.00 in this down economy. I would like to but one but NOT at $800.00. Like many others I will wait for the price to come down, and it will come down. I also wonder about how to adapt the dust collection on the saw to the dust collection system in my shop.

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