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Entryway Bench and Coatrack

My son and daughter-in-law needed a solution to a small entry way closet and this was my answer. I tried to use a craftsman style, but cost was an issue so I used Home Depot red oak and plywood...

Hawaiian Canoe Paddles

A friend recently returned from a trip to Hawaii and showed me some photos of the canoe paddles sold there. I went digging through my scrap wood and found enough interesting pieces to fabricate...

Walnut Armoire

About a year ago my wife came home from work with a page from a furniture magazine and asked if I thought I could build an armoire. Without much thought, I said yes and about one year later and 500...

Recent comments

Re: Dovetails Just Got a Little Easier

Since woodworking is not a full-time job, I don't have the time to practice cutting dovetails everyday and I haven't done enough to become really proficient. So, I bought Leigh dovetail jig... I know for you purist out there it's cheating... but, I get outstanding results without spending an excessive amount of time on one aspect of a project.

Re: Two infill hand planes

Beautiful workmanship! The grain in the eucalyptus plane is extraordinary and the finish really makes it pop... a job well done. Thanks for sharing your work.

Re: Portable toolbox

Very skillful workmanship on the handcut dovetails. I hope to take my skill level up a notch the end of this month; I'm attending a 3 day seminar with Frank Klausz in San Diego. It's sponsored by the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Assoc. and details are available on their website.

Re: Essential workbench

I built the same bench about 3 years ago and love using it. Since mine is free standing (no wall to hang a tool cabinet on) I built the cabinet Lon designed for FWW to go underneath and it works great. I live near the Pacific Ocean so I added the corrosion resistant liners to the drawers and it helps keep my handtools rust free.

Re: WYKO workbench

Beautiful job on the workbench, it's nice that you have 360 degree access to the bench, that should dramatically increase its versatility. The front apron is absolutely spectacular.

Hopefully you have a handy piece of plywood to throw on the bench top for when you decide to rebuild the carburetor on the project car in the background.

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