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Cherry Dresser

Built for my grandson, no plans, just kind of figured it out as I  worked. 

Southern California Workshop

My shop is located in Coronado CA and encompasses 2 bays of a 3 bay garage, (approx. 22' x 22'). I have a Delta dust collector with the ducting running in the rafters overhead, (4" HDPE pipe from...

Workbench and tool cabinet

The hard maple workbench and walnut and maple tool cabinets were designed by Lon Schleining for FWW several years back. The workbench is exceptionally solid and weighs about 350 lbs. The only changes...

Existing Shop

Actual space is a 3 car garage, but wife will still not give up her parking spot. Planer, router table and jointer are on wheels and auxillary assembly table is not depicted. Looking for help...

Garage Shop version II

Variation to existing worshop.

Recent comments

Re: Workbench and tool cabinet

Woodbutcher 7474-

The plans are available through Fine Wood Working for about $20. They are very detailed and come with a full cut list. Some of the plan drawings are full size and make the layout for the half-blind dovetails pretty simple. Also, if you can locate the 2004? workshop issue of FWW the bench is on the cover and full article with detailed drawings is covered in the magazine. About 2 years later, the work bench designer, Lon Schleining, did an article featuring the tool cabinet. I completed my tool cabinet using just the magazine article.

Also, Lon has written a book called "The Workbench" from Taunton Press, which I highly recommend. Additionally, if you just "google" Lon Schleining workbench, you find numerous links from people who have completed the bench and offer insights on construction techniques. Good luck.

Re: 2ND Floor Shop

Great tool cabinet! Did you design that yourself and is it on wheels?

I envy all the space you have, nice shop.

Re: Essential Workbench

Great work! I'm guessing you're a "lefty" since the end vice and front vice are reversed from the plans. I built this same bench about 2 years ago. I decided to add a tool tray to my bench and so far it has not turned into a catch-all or a dust collector.

Also, I ended up building the tool cabinet that Lon designed to go with the bench. It's very functional and construction goes a lot quicker than the bench.

Re: Scotch cabinet

Great idea and exquisite workmanship. This just made my short list of projects. Enjoy the scotch!

Re: Workbench and tool cabinet


Not much of a computer guy so just saw your comment.

I live in San Diego and ended up using Frost Hardwood for the 16/4 and 12/4 hard maple and TH&H for the 8/4 and 4/4 maple and walnut. I'm a member of the San Diego Fine Woodworkers Assoc. and both stores provided a 10% discount on all my purchases.

Re: Intermediate Workbench Video Series


Just finished building the workbench and tool cabinet that Lon Schleining designed for FWW several years back so I fully sympathize with the aches and pains, (plus I've got at least 3 decades on you). I recommend Aleve!

Since the trestle design is very similar to Lon's, I can attest to the fact that you will still have plenty of support and should have no racking issues if you decide to lengthen the size of the workbench top. Nice job!

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