Blackpoint Woodworking is the creation of Robert Lafferty, a local artisan with an extensive heritage in Monmouth County,NJ.

Robert was born and raised in Rumson, N.J. and was greatly influenced by art and music early on. His mother Pat Lafferty studied art and played classical piano in college, and became a well-known professional watercolorist. At a very young age, Robert traveled with her throughout Monmouth County while she painted on location. She also taught art classes in her home studio, and always involved the entire family in her work. Today, he draws inspiration from the many paintings of hers that hang in his home.

Robert’s father was a world traveling executive with a strong interest in woodworking and furniture building. Even with his hectic schedule, he always found time, mostly on weekends, to share the woodworking experience with Robert. It was in the family workshop that Robert learned - from his dad - the fundamentals of the craft, and the importance of patience and attention to detail. Robert continues to use many of the tools and equipment from his dad’s original workshop.

Robert has worked for and learned from master craftsmen at several shops in New Jersey. He continues to work both individually and in partnership with other accomplished artisans on projects for discerning clients. A tour of the sample photographs on this website will convince you of the unwavering dedication to quality that is evident in every project Blackpoint Woodworking accepts.


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Trestle Table - Breadboard Ends

Traditional trestle table construction with breadboard top. The endcaps have 5 tenons inside - the center tenon is pinned/glued/fixed; the other 4 are pinned thru slotted holes and not glued to allow...

Custom Wall Shelf and matching CD Rack

This project was designed and built for a client who wanted a floating shelf for tv components, dvd's, remote, etc. It had to conceal all wiring. And the finish had to match an existing pedestalAs...

Display Cabinet - Through Dovetails

This display cabinet houses a collection of navigational sextants. It has glass doors, glass shelving, and accent lighting from above. The case, base, and door frames are clear eastern...

Butcher Block Carving Board

This unique cutting board is made of cherry, maple, walnut and purpleheart. It's end grain construction creates a visually pleasing pattern, and is easier on cutlery. Size: 20.5" x  15" x...

Cherry Jewelry Armoire

This Cherry Jewelry Armoire has six dovetailed drawers of varying sizes. Drawers contain individual, velvet-lined inserts for jewelry storage. Right and left doors, also lined with velvetswing...

Bowfront Corner Table, Tiger Maple

This bowfront corner table was one of two projects commissioned by a Fortune 500 client who requested a phone stand for their conference center.  

Built in Cherry Hutch - Mission/Arts n Craft

The objective for this project was to design, construct, and install a built-in dining room hutch that was more "furniture-like", and in the Arts and Crafts/Mission style. It would have...

Recent comments

Re: Cherry Jewelry Armoire

If still interested in detailed plans, email me. thanks.

Re: Cherry Jewelry Armoire

If still interested in detailed plans, email me. thanks.

Re: Custom Wall Shelf and matching CD Rack

The back of this wall shelf (1/2" Sapele veneer) is set forward, and creates a void about 2" deep between the wall and shelf. The shelf is then hung on a French Cleat (one cleat attaches inside the void, and hangs on an opposing cleat which is attached to the wall - 45 degree cut between them.)

The stock of wood used is 1" thick and the shelf structure is joined with hand cut, thru dovetails.

Hope that helps, email me directly with any other questions.

Re: Custom Wall Shelf and matching CD Rack

Good question, I believe it's counterweighted to hold a wine bottle.

Re: Display Cabinet - Through Dovetails

One thing I forgot..............typically, I'll put at least 3 coats of poly on. Don't forget to sand in between..........very lightly, 600 grit....then wipe off with tack cloth.

Re: Display Cabinet - Through Dovetails

Thank you for the compliment!

I used minwax wipe on poly..............
Of course with a case such as this, it's easier to do flat surfaces, one by one. With the back out of the cabinet, I was able to cantileaver the case and work one surface at a time (clamp two culls on your bench and hang the case from them.)
I use sponge brushes (purchase several sizes) and work a section at a time. Dump a puddle right on the flat surface and carefully draw it along (obviously with the grain). I stay about 1/4 - 1/8" away from corners at first, then I go back and feather the poly to the edge and let that surface set up for a few minutes before rotating the case.
It all sounds tedious because it is, however, you have to be consistent in the amount you're applying, the amount of brush strokes, the duration, etc. (always have a clock in sight.)

Another tip when staining (water base, in this case): again, use sponge brushes - puddle it on liberally, draw it along, and let it sit for a few minutes. Then take a clean, lint free rag (cheese cloth works well) and use your sponge brush with very slight downward pressure onto the rag. Carefully drag them along (two handed operation) to draw off the excess stain.

Hope that helps, good luck with your next project!

Re: Creating a Project Plan in SketchUp

thanks dave and karl. regarding the plugin for the cutlist, can you tell me the link again? I think it might be helpful. regarding the features mentioned, I'll have to explore this further - the "dynamic components" sounds interesting. I don't do a lot of printing, and I'm trying to present to clients on laptop.
Again, thanks - I really appreciate your quick responses!

Re: Creating a Project Plan in SketchUp

I've been using SketchUP for a while now, and I find it indispensible to my business/efforts. I've often wondered what the $500 Sketch UP Pro version would give me? Any thoughts on this?
Is there any way to create easy cut lists from/in SketchUp?

Re: Built in Cherry Hutch - Mission/Arts n Craft

Thanks! The cases (upper, lower, and wine cubbies) are cherry veneer ply, the doors, legs, face frames, apron, trim, etc. are solid cherry.


Thanks, I would say a cross over. Bottom line, it had to match my clients Stickley dining room table/chairs and an TV armoire across the room. They were pleased, as was I!

Nice work on the blanket chest and hand cut dove tails!

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