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Re: A Nutty Alternative to SawStop Technology

gsm627: Never say never! // As much complaining about government involved in our lives as we do, all must realize how we really couldn't survive or prosper without it. Employee safety (like this guy in South America could use)has a lot owed to government rules/regulations/laws. I thank the farsighted help from governments!

Re: Rockler has 5 great ideas under $25

The Rockler "Mixing Mate" looks good, but will it work for polyurethane? Also, if it can't be used for long term storage on the can (like it shows on Rockler.com, with multiple cans with this on) without the liquid drying out, what good is it? And isn't there an awfully good chance paint or poly will dry on parts of it, making it very difficult to clean, if not impossible? Now if the parts contacting the liquid were silicone, than that would be the ticket! All liquids would/should peel off easily. I question too, how airtight this really is....

Re: Stephen Colbert Takes the Sizzle Out of SawStop

The Sawstop inventor is an attorney?! What, he wasn't making enough money sueing people/companies??!!

Re: How to Win $1.5-Million: Lessons from the Tablesaw Lawsuit

It doesn't take an 'attorney' to see that there are too many 'lawyers' in this country!! ;(

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: 500 Tables (Updated with winner)

"Geez, I really should be in church!"

Re: Fancy Footwork

Wasn't that his name in the opening credit? He makes me wish I had the talent to do what he does with all four extremities! I have enough trouble with just two!!

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I can see where this is all going to go...eventually all people will have to be kept in an impenetrable box at all times to prevent exposure to anything and everything! I think it's safe to say if a lawyer smells a lawsuit, they'll file one. Do they ever really care about anything other than making a buck? Ryobi should counter sue for improper use of the saw! The only time a saw will hurt you is if you are using it improperly or carelessly, although, yes, there can be an occasional manufacturer defect. I think there are far too many people that need protection from themselves. I mean really, for example, is someone so stupid they have to be warned not to use a hairdryer while bathing??!! Have human beings become so dumb they can't use common sense anymore?

Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

"Norm, please say it ain't so"! What's already been posted pretty well sums it up for me. I loved watching Norm, I learned a LOT and enjoyed his friendly, understandable way of building everything. Wow, no one will be able to replace him. It's like losing a good friend, yes, he'll still be on "This Old House", but not having "The New Yankee Workshop" to learn from and enjoy is going to be hard to bear! Thanks Norm for all the help and all the great years!! Take care and enjoy yourself!!

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