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Re: Bedroom

I find this bed to very interesting and appealing. It is very well done. I wish I could get a better look at the legs. From what I can see they look very interesting, but I can't see them very well.

Re: z chair

I like this design a lot. It's simple, elegant and a few of these would look great in my screen room.

I wish I could learn more about how the critical joints were done. I would probably do half-laps and reinforce them with a couple of hardwood dowels.

Could the builder (or anyone else) tell me how these joints were done?

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Mercedes-Benz has a technology that detects the presence of a car in front of you and, if necessary, slows your car down to maintain a safe distance. I understand it will also apply the brakes, if necessary, to avoid running into the car ahead of you.

Using the logic of this lawsuit, if someone without that technology (which is almost everyone) runs into the back of a car while driving, they could sue their car manufacturer.

De facto - The logic here is that every manufacturer must implement every safety device known to man into everything they sell. CRAZY!!

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