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makin' sawdust.

Birthday: 04/29/1947

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i have an artificial leg, and use a cane... using some walnut and cherry planks, i traced my guns and an old saw handle on them and used a bandsaw, files, router and a lot of sanding to make them...

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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

i was gonna write and say i hope the verdict gets overturned, but everyone else already did, so i'll just say please vote to keep the government out of our lives; i use my 5o-something year old walker-turner cabinet saw with the gaping (9 x 2.5") throat just fine.

Re: End Tables

really cool tables... reminds me of an ironing board.

Re: Tape Storage

i have three drawers that will be emptied out when i make one of these. now, about where i'll find wallspace for it...

Re: Q&A with Period Furniture Maker Philip C. Lowe

how come there's no dust on his shelves?

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

why are there accidents? because people are stupid!

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

a bandsaw... i have an old 3 wheel craftsman bandsaw, but its' resaw height is only 4 1/2 inches... i'm looking at a grizzly 14" saw that will resaw up o 12".

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

wow, that's a whole lot of comments...

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodworking Classic Covers: The Game

where's the @$&*)! answers? oh, and put the 'begin' overlay off the images so we can cram before starting. great puzzle!

Re: Woodshop Cabinets


Re: End of an Era


does it have a name? may i suggest 'vomit' or 'puke' or 'upchuck'. no offense meant.

this is pure art, not serving as a book case (except in a museum).

cute. very nice.

Re: intersection

the client liked crossword puzzles, i guess.

Re: Built In

i've done this same project. it's a great idea!

i actually did 3 of these (floor to ceiling) in a big farmhouse with lots of kids and a riding academy to run.
one in the bathrooms, for towels, and two in a long hallway.
it's why my ultimate house will have some walls with 2x8 studs.

nice job, RR. keep up the good work.

p.s. (thanx, eds., for pix.)

Re: Art Nouveau bookcase



More pix!


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