hamlet, nc

Grew up Boiling Springs,N.C. Crest High school '61. Applachain State,Boone,N.C. '61-'65. Industrial Arts Major.
Taught Industrial Arts in Hamlet, N.C. 30+ years, retired 2000. Operate woodworking/refinishing shop since 1989.

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Re: UPDATE: Hand Planing Techniques by Hendrik Varju

I havgen't bought the dvd, perhaps I should and maybe it would answer my question. I've been tuning up my old stanley planes(jack, jointer,smooth) and began wondering why use a smooth plane? I use one as a roughing plane with a cambered iron,but I don't understand the advantage of using a regular one for final planeing after useing the scrub,jack, and jointer planes for flatening surfaces. However I probaly will because every article and video reccomends it,but it seems to me the jack or jointer would do just as well.

Re: Play Fine Woodworking's Game: Against the Grain

I got all 5 and never thought about the absence of a guard, never used one.One thing I'd like to mention as something to consider is ripping on the saw. I once viewed a safety video that suggested raising the blade as high as it would go when ripping because the force of the blade is pressing the work down on the saw table as opposed to a low adjustment has more force pushing the work toward you increasing the chance of a kickback. Maybe a guard should be used in this case.

Re: Announcement: My New eBook - SketchUp and Traditional Cabinets

don't know if this is the place for questions, but I have a few, only one here. I bought your sketchup for woodworkers and have been practicing a lot with it. I drew a drawer pull for the blanket chest,saved it but I cant import it to the drawer which I drew seperately and saved it.I put the drawer pull in a folder in" My Documents". If you can't answer here could you email. Thaks for your great work.

Re: Announcement: My New eBook - SketchUp and Traditional Cabinets

In your video #2 the top surface of the base of the cab sits below the axis lines, in #3 the bottom edge of the base of the cab sits on the axis lines. This seems to be a problem. When I draw the cab as instructed the base always sits below the axis lines and is a problem when lining up to make components.

Re: Announcement: My New eBook - SketchUp and Traditional Cabinets

I'M A Woodworker,retired shop teacher and just starting to learn Sketchup. How advanced in sketchup should I be before using your book?

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