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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

This is a ridiculous lawsuit. I can't believe a bunch of clowns awarded his stupidity with $1.5 large. I bet he goes out and buys another cheap saw and spends the rest on rims for his truck. I have been using portable table saws for years without injury. There is a reason the plates around saw blades are a different color. It means bad, It means stop, or danger Will Robinson, danger. I agree with everyone that says what happened to taking responsibility for your own carelessness.

Maybe I can get a piece of the action and get compensated for all the band aids I have bought over the years. I had a saw that someone dropped a lam beam on, it cracked the case and I cut myself on the housing picking it up. The maker should have made it out of shatter proof plastic. How about the lumber companies for not making splinter proof wood. Stupid.

I buy these types of saws because of the price point, size, weight. If one gets damaged on a job site it is not a major deal to replace it or for someone to replace it. Now, the manufactures will be forced to put saw stops on their products, my $300 - $500 portable saw will become $1500. This will also hurt the people just getting into woodworking without "Norm A" budgets. It was 10 years of slugging it out with a 10" Makita portable before I could afford a cabinet saw in my personal shop.

Thanks dummy, next time you complain about the cost of things remember you are the cause in this instance.

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