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Re: UPDATE: The Unplugged Woodshop: Handcrafted Projects for the Home & Workshop by Tom Fidgen

Pick me, pick me!

Re: What you missed at FWW Live 2013

What a great event! Many thanks to Fine Woodworking and the staff and speakers who made it happen. The '2nd time' was definitely the charm - last year was great, but this one was even better.

From the high quality video projection in every session to the effort to repeat sessions so we had multiple options to attend to the way too much fun (and pressure) build off (I was on Team 5-we was robbed!), it was a success.

Cap off the fun quotient for next year or it will just be too much to handle! Rusty

Re: UPDATE: Wood Bender's Handbook by Zachary Taylor

I'll take it! Thanks

Re: UPDATE: Win an all-access pass to Fine Woodworking Live 2013!

I've been to every FWW Live so far, so I don't want to miss this one!

Re: UPDATE:French Polishing: Finishing and restoring using traditional techniques by Derek Jones

Would love to win the book and learn about this fascinating technique!

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

When I started woodworking just a couple of years ago, I wish I had heard this. What I heard more ofter is: you have to do it this way (read- my way) or you're not doing it the right way. Matt - thanks for freeing us to learn and enjoy the craft without all the baggage that some feel the need to heap on it.

Re: Win an all-access pass to Fine Woodworking Live!

It will be great to have a world class event like this based on the east coast - arguably the hub of nationwide 'fine woodworking' as well as the historic center of 17th - 19th century American furniture building. Can't wait to attend!

Re: Duncan Phyfe: Master Cabinetmaker

I had the great pleasure of visiting the Metropolitan Museum exhibit in NY last Friday. What a show of beautiful technique, wood and design. Definately worth a visit.

Re: UPDATE: 2011 Fine Woodworking Archive DVD-ROM (1975 - 2011)

As an online and magazine subscriber, I love F&W!

Re: UPDATED: Giveaway and Poll: The Most Requested Woodworking Gifts of 2009

As a fairly new woodworker, there are definitely hand and power tools still needed, but if I had one shot, it would be a class. I treated myself to a week last summer at the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop for their beginning woodworker class and loved it...would love to do it again this year with a higher level clase. Please Santa, take pity on your po' Jersey woodworker! Rusty

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