Jim Whetstone, New Cumberland, PA, US

43 years in Woodworking, in business as Quality Cabinetry since 1982, modern and contemporary work, published in three magazines: Fine Woodworking twice, Home and New Shelter, also in two books including The Workshop Book by Scott Landis, design my own things, very serious photographer also, self published a book, Marc Adams School of Woodworking 2000 for one week,

Birthday: 02/28/1947

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Ribbon Box

Built for a wedding gift in France, made of walnut, tulipwood, pink ivory and crotch walnut inlays

Jewelry Box

This Jewelry Box is made of marbled Crotch Walnut solids and bookmatched box elder inlays. The secondary woods are maple, ash, 1/8ply, Wenge. It features 3 layers: 2 alyers under the lid and the...

Independence Hall Table

The customer had a table in his home and told me to match it. I did. It is a duplicate of a table in Independence Hall, Philadelphia, PA. It was built for his daughter. It is made of all solid...

Ribbon Box

I built this Ribbon Box in the Summer of 2013. It was used as a wedding gift for a wedding in France. It is made of walnut solids, book matched walnut crotch grain, Tulipwood and Pink Ivory. It is...

48 Inch Mirror

I built this 48 inch diameter mirror for a lovely fussy customer who knew what she wanted. It is made of Sapele Mahogany and consists of 4 plys, each 1/8 by 2 and 1/4 wide, glued with Weldwood liquid...

Ribbon Box

This Ribbon Box is 8 inches in diameter and approx. 6 inches high.  It is made of Walnut and American Holly.  It was made with a scroll saw and not a lathe.  In order to gain the...

End Table

This contemporary end table was made for our family room and is made of quarter sawn Englsh Brown Oak and Wenge.  It is 12 by 21 and is 25 high.  Tongue and groove joinery mates Wenge to...

Ribbon Box

This box is 7 by 7 by 4 high and is made of Canarywood.  The ribbons and bows are made of Wenge, Purpleheart and Satinwood.  The dots are all approx. 3/16 in thick and are made of...

Family Room

Family Room: Entertainment Center, Coffee Table, Corner Table, 3 Walnut tops, 2 Valences, all made from Sapele solids and Sapele plywood, Walnut, Wenge, Cherry, Satinwood, Tiger Maple, Zebrawood...

Scrap Box

This box contains 52 different kinds of wood, all finished naturally to show the color and beauty.  It features a jigsaw puzzle style lid.  This concept answers my question: How can I...

Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box is made of Spalted Maple and the ribbons are made of Wenge, Purpleheart and Satinwood.  The box has a removable felt insert and a  lift out tray featuring a second small...

Jewelry Box

The Jewelry Box is made of Spalted Maple and the ribbons are made of Wenge, Purpleheart and Satinwood.  It has a removable felt insert  and the lift out tray features a second small ribbon...

Scrap Box

My Scrap Boxes are made of small pieces of hardwoods that I do not want to throw away.  This box has 52 different kinds of wood on it.  The box is hinged.

CD / DVD Cabinet

CD / DVD Cabinet made of Walnut and book matched Crotch Walnut solids, thru dovetails, brass hardware, custom pulls made of Walnut

Bonzai Bench

Bonzai Bench for a very serious Bonzai enthusiast, made of cypress, ss fasteners, waterproof adhesives

Ribbon Box

Walnut Ribbon Box with accent circles and ribbons made of Walnut, Satinwood, Padauk, Chak te-Koc, Palea, Tulipwood,

Recent comments

Re: elegant hall table

beautiful piece, not sure if the butterflys at the miters are correct design. Great contrasting colors.!

Re: Ribbon Box

Craig70: A video would be too time consuming at this point but write me at qcwood@aol.com to start the process and I could call you, talk and end up e mailing some images of technique that might help. Happy to do that. Glad you like.

Re: Ribbon Box

Oegan: Ribbons are scroll saw using templates (trace pattern), hand sanding, careful stack gluing one after another. hope this helps. Also 7 ply ribbon slabs glued up before cutting on scroll saw

Re: Cocobolo and Ebony box

Is the inside sycamore? Glad you might not be allergic to cocobolo.

Re: End Table

Top does not lift up. It is fastened using cleats with tenons that slide into mortises (using slot cutter)cut into sides

Re: End Table

Thanks Kev. very hard for me to execute, nice to have a challenge like this after 1133 pieces and 45 years of woodworking.

Re: Ribbon Box

Ribbons made with scroll saw, sanding finely and using templates

Re: Scrap Box

no galleries anywhere but Harrisburg, PA. Thank you for your nice comments.

Re: Scrap Box

Picture of box open coming soon showing how lid engages the top

Re: Build Outside The Box: Official Contest Rules

three questions: 1. Can you enter ore that one box?
2. can you submit more that one view of each box, or just one photo per box.
3. What is file size of each image? How big a file in MB?

Re: Ribbon Box

ribbon box took about 16 to 20 hours to produce. ribbons are made with glue up, scroll saw, careful individual sanding by hand with small long strips of sandpaper. glue up on box is stacking technique, one at a time. ribbons made with templates

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