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Mesquite lamp

When building the round Mesquite table with the mesquite pedestal, I ended up with a six inch length of mesquite log. I decided to section this on the bandsaw and turn the disk into a little lamp...

Mesquite Table with Mesquite Stump Pedestal & Mesquite and Saguaro Rib Chairs

The table weighs 330lbs The top is made of 8/4 mesquite as is the base. The chairs are of my own design with over 30 people evaluating a prototype made from 2x4's. The chair back are sectioned...

Mesquite Wine Bottle holder and Napkin Ring

I work primarily in Mesquite wood.  Mesquite is quite time consuming and works best with carbide tooling.  I save all the cutoff scraps as the wood is more than six times more expensive...

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