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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Having just read the tablesaw injury article I feel that I have not been given the whole story. What dis Goss want that discussions broke down?

I have instructed students (about 300 per semester)for some 10 years on etiquets and proceedures in the shop; and developed the safety program for the operation of shop machines for the university. One machine I always instructed cation on was the Delta-UniSaw, an extemely dangerous piece of equipment if improperly used. The most repeated instruction was "if the saw starts to sound funny or different STOP and check all your components" the "wood" the "blade" and your "position" on the tablesaw. Make sure you are using a "push stick" and "dont force the piece".

I have not had a student get injured when they followed the rules. It seems that Mr. Orsorio was not instructed properly on how to use the saw; was he observed to ensure proper operations before been left alone? The most important rule in using a table saw is not to force materials through the blade. It seems that the jury was not educated to the safety rules of operating a table saw. Personal responsibility and attentiveness is critical when operating machinery. It is hard to say who is at fault when all the facts are not given.
I have to asume that the saw was working properly or he would not have been using it, if it wassn't working properly he should not have been using it.

I have always told my students to put their brain in gear first before placing any machinery in gear. As an Architect I understand Tort Laws, this one seems to have gone off track.

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