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Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Beautiful Boxes: Design and Technique by Doug Stowe

I enjoyed corresponding with Doug and talking about the need for vocational education. I also learned a lot from one of his other books!

Re: UPDATE: Fine Woodworking's Tables and Chairs

All I want to do is make a simple wooden stool...

Re: Quick to Build Tool Cabinet

I agree with wolf23. It took me a little longer to build the tool cabinet. I added additional support for the french cleats and used brackets on the top to attach to the wall studs. My cabinet also sits above a bench and I have additional supports under the cabinet. I added all of the additional supports after reading an article critical of this design. The author of the article felt that the cabinet loaded with tools was way too heavy to trust to the two plywood cleats alone. Also, this is not a one man job. Sawing the case in two on a table saw will take two people. I do feel that I built a good cabinet and a lot was learned building it.

Re: iPad and Woodworking?

As a high school computer education teacher I have seen technology change constantly over the last 24 years. I once paid $1500 for a computer that had a useful life of about 3 years. At that time a Delta Unisaw was less...and it would last a lifetime. I like the idea of learning a skill with woodworking tools. Both the learned skill and the tools will last a lifetime. Consumer technology is WAY too expensive for what you get. However, the technology that presents Fine Woodworking in this way( the Internet)has been very beneficial. The ipad is a glorified large-scale itouch. I don't get the whole Apple thing...and think of the Lie-Nielsen or Veritas tools you could buy...

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

Hey....I posted a comment...These avatars are kinda small!

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