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Re: Dovetails Just Got a Little Easier

for the casual dovetail I used the blue tape trick when marking out. It worked like a charm and its fun to do hand cut joins

Re: Ingenious foot-powered lathe

50 years ago I saw a 10 year old boy in Morocco turn chair legs between 2 nails as centres. He had a bow (as in bow and arrow) in his left hand with the cord of the bow wrapped around the leg, a turning tool resting on a wooden bar and his foot pressing down and guiding the tool. as he pushed the bow back and forth the chair leg rotated against the tool then backwards while his right hand withdrew the tool and advanced it for the next rotation. He was very quick and amazingly skilled. Child labour laws hopefully have changed this but the skill and technique was worthy of a Krenov commendation !

Re: Lael Gordon: Prismatic Patterns

Have just finished reading Krenov's 'Notebook'..He would have been so pleased his philosophy continues.
pizzicato (Australia)

Re: It's impossible to cheat at woodworking

Dovetails by hand give me an inner glow but the perfection of the jig impresses my friends!

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