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Re: I think that I shall never see, a poem lovely as a tree

What a great poem Steve,thanks for sharing with us. (:^0)

Re: Custom Chisel Storage for a Brand New Bench

Yet another "why did'nt i think of that"
moments. ;^) Great idea Ed, many thanks
for sharing.

Re: Using end grain to make drawer front veneers

Beautiful Matt, absolutely beautiful.

Re: Mallets for the Scouts

Good on ya John, I bet the kid's
loved every minute of their time
in your shop. ;0)


Great shape on the turning Joe,
I like it a lot. ;0)

Re: Custom case for Glasses

Great idea K.G.Haile, i don't think
i've seen anyone post a glasses/spectacles
case before. :0)

Re: Get your internet hands on an old woodworking magazine

Thanks for the heads up Mathew, i'd never heard
of the magazine before now so i'm looking forward
to reading them.
A big thanks to T.O.W. and Delta too for making the
the magazine available.
(I'd never heard of T.O.W. before either. I live
a sheltered life methinks.)

Re: Spinning Rack Keeps Lathe Tools Handy

Don't know how I missed this one when it came along.
Great idea you sent in James, this is definately on
the to-do list. Many thanks James and Stephen. ;0)

Re: The life and times of a Fine Woodworking photo prop

Hi Mathew, great looking cabinet. I love
the way you layed out the dovetails (I
can see them being used quite a lot in
future). And the drawer pull is a very,
very neat idea. :0)

Re: L-Shaped Supports for Carving on Turned Spindles

Thanks for the article Dennis.
Beautiful work. :0)

Re: Candle holder makes a quick but elegant gift

"Here's hoping my wife likes it too"

What's not too like Steve.It's nice to see
a holder that's not the "usual" block or round
type of design. The first thing that came to
my mind was bridge,then boat cleat but most
of all was "oriental". Anyway,thanks for the
article and I'm already waiting for the next
one in the New Year.Hope you and the rest of
the woodworking community have a Happy New
Year too. :0)

Re: Brass set-up bars help with drawer measurements

Sometimes in life you reach that "DOH!" moment,
my latest one just arrived. Thanks for the article
Ken, this is one i won't forget. :0)

Re: Geoffrey Warner: Assembling a Life

A true artist.Thanks for the article Jon.

Re: "Box of Chocolates"

Jeff,the word beautiful does'nt
seem adequate for this project,
but it's all i can come up with
at this moment in time.
Oh! Hang on "Magnificent" too. :0)

Re: Kosciuszko's Squadron's Biplane Fan

Cool (pardon the pun) idea Doc,
it looks great.

Re: Hot-rod an inexpensive honing guide

Thanks for showing this Ken,(and Bob also)I would never have thought about it myself,but once you see it, "DOH!"

Re: "Aspire"

Superb looking piece of work Jeff.

Re: The Flatamat

Looks like a handy jig Michael,thanks
for sharing it.

Re: Disposable Spline Kerf Fixture

Great jig Chesster.

Re: A Simple Door Pull of Copper and Wood

Now that's thinking outside of
the (rivet)box.Super idea John.

Re: "Hail to the Lion"

"Grandson's smile...Priceless"
Priceless indeed, theres no
better feeling in the world i.m.o.
Very well done. :o)

Re: Easy Tip for Tighter Mortise-and-Tenon Joints

Top tip,many thanks Ed.

Re: Action Figure Cabinet

Congratulations on a very original
piece of work. My son would love
this. :0)

Re: Weekend Corbels

Great piece of recycling John. They
look very well made. :0)

Re: Taco, Magic Wand

Wow,a very unique wand indeed.The "eye" is
great.Well done. :0)

Re: Princess Beatrice Royal Wedding Fascinator Chair

Brilliant idea, and brilliant workmanship.
I take my hat off to you.(well baseball cap actually):0)

Re: Plane Iron Sharpening Jig

Great idea cape_shop.

Re: Tiger Box

Excellent looking box Marc, well done.

Re: Sun burst planters

Nice idea Yukoner1. Well done and thanks
for showing.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Woodworking Techniques from Fine Woodworking

Not being able to work anymore reading about
woodworking is my only way of keeping up with
things, so i'd love to review this book for

Re: Mouse Cabinet

What a great looking unique piece
of furniture. Very well done kolwdwrkr.

Re: Shop Made Hand tools

Yet again you have made some great tools Brian.
Well done.

Re: Shop Made Scraper Planes

Very nice Brian, love the shapes of them.

Re: Shop Made Hand Planes

Nice work.

Re: Multi style Marking Gauge

Very nice gauges Paisarn.

Re: Carving Knives

Nice work Mike.

Re: Height Gauge for router and table saw

WOW! Very smart Robert, looks like a
winner to me.Well done.

Re: Shop-made grooving planes

Very nice Matt.

Re: Cherry Footstool

Well done Odrisan, it looks great.

Re: Hand made Chisel Box

Very nice Pinamaral.

Re: Turned gavel and anvil

Very nice Dan.

Re: Hand made cutters for a Stanley No 66 Beader

Excellent Mike.

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