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Re: Axes in SketchUp

Wow, that was great. Thank you, for getting back to me so promptly.
I got it to work. I don't know why I didn't think to change my axes. It worked perfectly. I can now move on with my project. This is wonderful.

Thanks again.

Re: Axes in SketchUp

I have a question. I've imported an elevation of a building into Sketch up from AutoCAD. However, it's been placed on the X axis. I need it to be on the Z axis so that the building fascade stands upwards and not lays flat. I'm familiar with most if not all the sketch up tools. I've extruded the image to be in 3D which is great but it's still not perfect. I need it on the z axis so that I can past a roof onto the front of the building that I've done in another sketch up document. I've been playing around with the protractor but can not manage to get it to work for me. What advise can you give me? I appreciate anything I can get.

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