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Arts and Craft Desk ( AKA the Bullet Desk )

This is a quartersawn white oak library desk built for my son. It features 8 decorative corbels, and two pencil drawers. The finish is a stain-over-dye technique inspired by Jeff Jewitt. The drawers...

Cherry Trundle Bed

This is my cherry trundle bed, which was a father and son project. My son needed a new bed frame, so we decided to build a trundle bed that would accomodate two standard twin size mattressesThe...

Wedge and Strap Bed

The Wedge and Strap bed gets its name from the backsplash detail that looks like a wedge driven laterally to tighten a leather strap.  The detail is actually a walnut inlay set in a dado. Angled...

Wedge and Strap Sideboard / Entertainment Center

Here is my arts and crafts entertainment center, reminiscent of a Stickley sideboard. It features my signiture wedge and strap backsplash detail, which consists of walnut inlays in quartersawn red...

Arts and Crafts Nightstand

Here are my arts and crafts nightstands in quartersawn red oak. Construction includes through-mortise and tenons, solid side panels, and arched lower rails. Small corbels are let into grooves in the...

Wedge and Strap Arts & Crafts Dresser

Here is my arts and crafts dresser which draws inspiration from the Harvey Ellis 9 drawer dresser. I scaled it down to a 6 drawer dresser, and added a distinctive wedge and strap motif to the...

Arts and Crafts Extension Dining Table and Chairs

Willie Sandry Designs. This is my version of an arts and crafts extension table. It extends to 103" long, which is ample room to seat 10. The material is quartersawn white oak, with walnut accents...

Arts and Crafts Motto Frames

Here are some arts and crafts motto frames I made. They are QSWO and hold an 11 x 14" matting. The text uses special fonts and artwork from the P22 foundry. The longer text is a quote from Elbert...

Twin Tenon Dining Table

Willie Sandry Designs. This is an Arts and Crafts dining table with long arched rails and twin keyed tenons. The white oak material contrasts with the walnut accents. The end assemblies are...

Arts and Crafts Front Door

Willie Sandry Designs. Here is my version of an arts and crafts door. It was based on FWW's "Build Your Own Front Door" article, and I added a tapered center stile, dentil shelf with corbels, and...

Recent comments

Re: How a big shop speeds up furnituremaking without compromising quality

I have toured the Joinery shop, and they have some impressive equipment. They use a large clamping rack that allows the craftsman to clamp up a project, and roll it out of the way to expose more clamps. Great tour if anybody is in the Portland area, I highly recommend it.

Re: Arts and Craft Desk ( AKA the Bullet Desk )

Yes, I came across the bullet while planing some stock a few years back. I set it aside, knowing I would find a good way to use the special board. I showed it to my son, and he instantly asked to incorporate it into his desk.


Re: Arts and Crafts fireplace surround

Wonderful mantle, it is gorgeous.
Love it.

Re: Stickley Sideboard - 12th Anniversary Gift

Beautiful sideboard. The style and finish are very true to Stickley form.
Well done!

Re: Easy-to-install spiral cutterheads for $250

Apparently Amana makes carbide replacement inserts for these cutterheads. They are still 2 sided, but at least Amana stepped it up to carbide.

Can you imagine going back to HSS tablesaw blades?

Re: The Wrighteous sideboard

Beautiful lines, and symmetry. I can glance at a piece and know in about 2 seconds if I like it. This piece struck me as beautiful from the very first glance.
On further inspection, you have included some nice details such as the pegs and great handles.

Well done!

Re: Mahogany Bed

Looks like a great bed. Did you use bed bolts for the connections?

Re: Pint-sized arts and crafts cabinet

Great cabinet Mike! With the dovetailed drawer and through tenons, that little project has it all.
Nice design all around.

Re: Is fitting drawers the best task in woodworking?

Similar to yours, my favorite moment in constructing dressers, entertainment centers, and case goods is the moment when you have the carcase glued up. All of the dry fitting of components is done, and the frame is permanantly assembled. The time you spent dry fitting and figuring out a clamping strategy has paid off with a square case ready for doors, drawers and beautiful hardware. It's like that critical level on a game show which, once you achieve it, you can't fall below. All the progress you have made is now permanant, and you don't have to take it apart anymore for a last minute "tweak." As an added bonus, much of the sanding is already completed.

Re: Morris Chair

That is one of the finest examples of a Morris chair I have seen. Are the plans available?

Re: Greene & Greene Inspired Coffee Table

Great table! Love the wood choice. Nice design and execution.

Re: Arts and Crafts Inspired Sideboard

I like your design, especially the layout of the door glass.
The top reads a little heavy to my eye. Would it look better with a slightly thinner top?

Re: Arts and Crafts Front Door

Thanks Steve,
The lockset is from Emtek, and the ball bearing hinges are from a local door shop.
The glass was special ordered from Middlefield Glass in Ohio. They offer software that allows you to design your own panels. That was fun process. The panels are set in a rabbet and secured with glass stops and urethane caulking.
Overall it was not as hard as you'd imagine.

Re: Twin Tenon Dining Table

Thanks so much for the comment. I have really enjoyed your projects and articles. You are my woodworking idol.
Keep up the great work!

Re: Arts and Crafts Extension Dining Table and Chairs

The table slides are from
It was one of the few sources for slides that open wide enough to accomodate the leaves for storage.
They are equalizer slides, so one person can remove/install the leaves. Pulling on one end of the table causes both sides to expand.

Re: UPDATE: Arts & Crafts Style Coffee Table with Gregory Paolini

Paolini does a nice job in this video series. I really like the techniques for breadboard ends. Also, his use of a hand square chisel punch was a nice technique.

Re: Shop Talk Live 6: On the Pod

I was dissapointed with the use of time in this weeks pod cast. With Jeff Jewitt available to dispell common myths about finishing, Asa chose instead to talk about his bandsaw. Between the moderator and Asa's interuptions, Jeff was lucky to get a word in edgewise.
In 50 minutes you could have covered water vs oil, spray vs. brush,and talked about a couple nice lacquer and poly techniques.
I would like to see the show have a topic, and stay on topic. Allow the speaker to finish his thoughts, and clarify his point without interuption from the moderator and co-host. Visual aids would help as well. For example holding a spray gun as you talk about the various parts of the gun.
I would still like to hear Jeffs thoughts on spraying polyurethane on a hardwood entry door.

Re: Going to a professional finisher

I learned a lot about finishing from a local cabinet maker. Spray, Spray, Spray. You just can't achieve the glass smooth finish with a wipe on product.
I always make sure my stain and topcoat are compatable. For me it is still oil based stain with lacquer as a topcoat. If the stain doesn't wipe off easily on your sample boards, thin the stain with 2oz. mineral spirits per quart of stain. The biggest thing I learned is to let the stain dry completely. Usually this means overnight, however it occasionally takes 2-3 days in colder weather. I wanted to contribute to a FWW article about finishing disasters, but honestly I have never had any problems finishing.
With a $100 gravity feed HVLP gun you can produce professional quality results. That would only hire my finisher for about an hour.

Re: Chamfering the Exposed Tenon End

Interesting, I usually just use the "follow me" tool.

Re: Mission Style Mahogany Dining Room Chairs

Lovely take on the Rodel chair! I really like your version too. Well done!

Re: Arts and Crafts Dining Chairs

Great looking chairs! Rodel's design is one of the finest I have seen. Great craftsmanship.

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