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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

A question for 'starrynight' re: Regulated Safety.
1) Do we really expect the taxpayer to accept another bureaucracy to support?
2) Worse than ill-informed juries are bureaucrats who enforce 'the book'
3) the automotive safety industry is well regulated. And yet that did not prevent the Toyota accelerator problems.
4) How will you get every 'unsafe' table saw replaced? Government incentives?

This is a typical jury settlement. It will get appealed and the appeal judge will overrule the jury - or the company will make an out-of-court settlement with the plaintiff.

Regardless the only winner is the lawyers.

Re: 10 Ways to Avoid Shop Fires

In addition to the photos of tools: keep receipts - even if many years old; scanned copies if possible; write on the receipt what the tool is, date purchased and store. Plus consider a narrated video of your workshop to pick up items that you may not think of.

Put the photos, receipts, etc in a safety deposit box. Or some insurance companies will keep the photos and scanned receipts for you.

And always check your insurance renewal statement to ensure your workshop is still covered. Some firms may require a special 'rider' for very expensive workshops.

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