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Dry-sink vanity

This is a country style dry-sink I did that we needed for our washroom. It's entirely pine except for the ceramic counter to prevent little accidents. I kept the carcasse box-joint prolonged to pop...

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Re: We're Giving Away Grooving Planes!

White men can groove too!

Re: Play Fine Woodworking's Game: Against the Grain

I would add one thing. Never let round handle chisels lying on the table where it could fall on your feet. It's almost sure it will roll off the bench and if not on your feet, you'll need to re-sharpen it.

Re: BOOK GIVEAWAY: 500 Tables (Updated with winner)

AHH Damn!

I'll just call the lady and tell her it will take 2 weeks instead of two days.And if she ask why, I'll tell her I needed a special router bit that was out of stock at the Home Depot. Yeah, that should go right!

Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

Already said what I have to say about the incident. I just hope the laws will permit the bosses to kick out any employee who makes the sawstop device engage. Because it cost money to replace the brake sensor and blade, and it's a proof that the employee isn't competent enough to work on a tablesaw. The employee would just have te be thankfull to the sawstop he still have fingers to take a hand saw wich might be less dangerous for him.

Re: Easy Errors to Make

Hi I'm begining to use sketchup and I'm interested in using, or at least giving a try at the cutlist plug-in. How do I get that Cutlist option?

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Working with Tablesaws, from the editors of Fine Woodworking

Anything on woodworking is wanted from me

Re: Miracle Shield Blocks Kickback

It had to be an april's fool. Search the famous engineers name on google. LOL

Re: Miracle Shield Blocks Kickback

Is that an april's fool?

So the guy avoids a kickback, but get's a punch in the stomach at 85 ft/secs by the device panel? Wow that's safe!

What happens if your ripping a plywood panel and something goes wrong(a split or knot provoques the device to detect a false kickback)?

What if you saw a dadoed piece with uneven thickness every 2 inches(this will cause little speed variation and density so maybe velocity will be affected?)

This thing is nothing but an engineer trophy who say's look what I invented. If things keep on going this way, I'll just go for hand tools.

Congats pal, but I defenetly won't buy it.

Re: When You Have Your Accident

RE to Mickey T

I'm not taking your comment personal because I think you over-react the situation and got me wrong, probably due to my unclear description in my comment that I wanted to keep short and sometimes I don't know how to realy explain what I want to say because in fact I speak French. I'm Canadian, so please stop blaming the Americans...

I don't say all I described happens everyday, but it did all happened at least once, and I'm not a shamed to say I had bad working habits and little knowledge of my equipement because I was in the learning process. Now if everyone would give up the first time they don't succeed, I think there wouldn't be a lot of woodworkers around us.

I didn't take lessons, but all I know and learned to this day is almost all in Fine woodworking magazines and by reading people on this website. I can tell you today that I know what a riving knife is and it's purpose, but I don't think I'm the only one who as a begginer, took off the guard and told himself why the heck do I need this thing before.

But I have to admit that I totaly agree with you when you say people should take good lessons to get knowledge because safty is always what comes first in lessons and all I described might not have happened if I had the knowledge at that time.

And what I meant by being affraid of my tools was a way of saying "alert". And with all of this happening, I know now that all my tools can be dangerous, so I don't need a Sawstop and work stupidly and lazyly until the day the Sawstop device fails and cut myself a finger.With that said, I have to admit that the sawstop is indeed a great invention that should be used in industries where everything isn't quick enough for the boss and the chances of accidents are high, but in my tiny shop I prefer to stay alert and keep in mind that anything can happen, and that doesn't stress me at all. In fact, I'm more scared in the trafic with people not knowing how to drive around me.

With that, I still have my 10 fingers And I hope it's not just luck. But like Gary say's, "when it will happen" Well that day might be tommorow, or in 10 years when I stop being alert or careful because I'll be thinking how experienced I am.

So I tried to make a light and short comment the first time, but had to make this big explanation. So next time I'll try to make myself a little more precise.

Thank you


Re: When You Have Your Accident

My trick to stay safe is... to stay scared! Since I've started woodworking last year, I remember being affraid of my roaring table saw. I stepped back the first time I started my router wondering when it would reach it's full speed(It didn't seem to want stabilize and kept accelerating until finaly reach it's peak!!) I broke a Jigsaw blade while taking-it out of my piece and forgeting to release the trigger before doing that. I could tell more, but my ego is getting hurt a little ha ha ha!

Now, that my dumb novice performances are done, things go much more easier. And so I keep wondering: What's the next thing that will happen. With that in mind, I'm always working with an anticipation of something might happen soon, because something HAPPENED before. Sometimes a breaking piece of wood kickbacks in the air, or a bad fixed fence moves suddenly. But I don't jump by surprise putting myself in danger or doing reflex moves when it happens because I'm almost waiting for it to happen. I'm wearing glasses, earplugs, good shoes, and no gloves. I do what I have to keep myself out of risky danger.

So keeping my mind alert, without over stressing about-it keeps me in good balance mentaly enough to enjoy what I'm doing as well. It doesn't garanty accidents won't happen, but at least I think I put chances my way.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

And by the way, I don't whant to pay 300$-500$ more for a table saw that's stupid proof for cutting fingers!!!!! I can cut without it.

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Who's stupid here? The guy who injured himself,or the judge with no judgement who was convinced by the attorneys?

Also, an accident is an accident. Wathever you do to prevent-it, it will show up in another angle and hit you.

And for the injured guy, I guess his kids were accidents too because it looks like he's the kind of person to always blame everyone or everything except himself.

...Why not sue the bladesaw manufacturer, that's the piece who cut his finger bla bla bla...

Re: Scarf Organizer


My girfriend just asked me for something like that to hang her ribbons(she does a lot of scrapbooking and sewing). I intend to incorporate-it to a chest I'll make for her. Good Idea

Re: Greene & Greene Rocking Chair

Nice chair. I like the back spindles design.

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Craftsman Furniture Projects from the editors of Woodworker's Journal

It's in my eyes, the most traditionnal style. Count me in please.

Re: UPDATED: What Tools Are on Your Holiday Wish List?

I need clamps, a band saw and bench coockies....

Re: Grandfather Clock


Re: Golf Club & Accessories Cabinet

This is original. I never seen something like this before. Maybe because I dont't play golf. Good work!

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Zany Wooden Toys that Whiz, Spin, Pop and Fly by Bob Gilsdorf

Count me in please

Re: This secret cost me $20,000, but I'll let you have it for free.

Thanks for sharing your experience.

I also had in mind(in a future), to start my little business and as you say I was thinking as a entrepreneur. And you know what made me changed my mind?

First I lost my fulltime job. Is this a sign to make the jump, the push I needed to take my balls, spit and rush forward? Well, I thought a lot(every night and day). What made me finally back up is the following.

Being jobless, I was taking time to think and of course, woodworking. I was enjoying this little break and investing my full mind into my woodworking projects. And I realized, that if I would do-it as a living, I would have to make things the way customers want-it, despite my creativity and freedom to explore. I would have to work faster to make more furnitureto lower my costs and make more clients, wich means eventualy buy all the big woodworking machines to go faster and you know how the business goes...

I am not a longtime experienced woodworker, but I have the entrepreneur thinking, that's why it hit my mind so fast. But I realized that doing business with my passion would be a mistake for me. So I found a great compromise in my future plans. I'm going back to school, in industrial mechanics, while I'll continue to do woodworking as a hobby and continue to improve myself. And if business fever gets back, I might start doing repairs and fittings for woodshops. Knowing wood and mechanics would keep me in good position for that, and I could be in touch with my work and my passion.

Re: Wedding Clock

Very good idea for this kind of gift.

Great work.

Let's hope they don't forget time by admiring-it

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: 500 Chairs and 500 Tables

This will be very usefull

Re: Teak Outdoor Kitchen Cabinet


In my humble opinion, you should keep the drawers like this, because it might be loud on the eyes, perhaps, maybe add inlays or decoration if you want to add some spice to the drawers. But I can't see in your head, your idea might be great also.


Re: China Cabinet

It's classy!

I love the rich color of it.

Re: Carved laurel leaf side skirt sofa console

That's what I would love to do and got me into woodworking. Unfortunately, I don't have your talent in carving.

Beautiful table.

Re: Table "Sand Hills"

Love the wave idea. Not symetric, it's refreshing.

Re: Showcase Cabinet

Very Nice. I love the hole in the drawers that acts like a handle.

What finish did you used?

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Modern Cabinet Work by Percy A. Wells and John Hooper

I'm learning and I'll takes all the tips, and books I can.

Re: Bench Cookie Giveaway

This would be great to have until I get a real bench with vise

Re: UPDATE: Book Giveaway: Step-By-Step Guitar Making by Alex Willis

I play the guitare for about 15 years. It was my #1 hobby until I began woodworking.

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