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IWF 2010: New Tool Preview

Get a sneak peek at a few of the hot new tools set to make their debut at the 2010 International Woodworking Fair!

New 12-inch Miter Saw from Bosch

FWW EXCLUSIVE: Bosch's newest miter saw is in a class by itself.

Adjustable Height Workbench

This shop-made bench is always the right height no mattter what the task.

Acme Tools Dream Shop Give-Away

Sign up to win a new shop valued at nearly $5000.

Defense Outgunned in Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

Interesting information is revealed in the second half of the Carlos Osorio lawsuit.

How to Win $1.5-Million: Lessons from the Tablesaw Lawsuit

At first glance the lawsuit looks like a slam dunk for the defense team and Ryobi, but court records paint a different picture.

New Sliding Miter Saw from Bosch

Bosch's new slider doesn't have slide tubes, so you can put it right against the wall.

Mystic, CT hosts Antique Tool Auction

Mystic, CT home of the Mystic Seaport is hosting an antique tool auction Friday June 4th, at the Hilton Hotel.

New cabinet saw from SawStop

New Cabinet Saw from SawStop runs on 110-volt power.

More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

In March, a jury awarded $1.5 million in a case against Ryobi for a benchtop tablesaw injury, claiming that the saw should have been equipped with flesh-sensing, blade-braking technology, such as the SawStop system. The verdict, which has major implications for the tool industry, set off a flurry of commentary on the Internet.

Woodworker or Sculptor?

His workspace looks like any other woodshop, but his projects are anything but ordinary.

New Plane from Bridge City Tool Works

Inspired by the lightwieght, high-strength components found in helicopters, Bridge City Tool Works has made a work of art that planes wood.

Cut a Zamboni in Two: How do you get this job?

Team Hackman has cut everything from automobiles to Zambonis with their trusty recip saws.

Tool Guide Reader Survey

Pick your favorite tools in a short survey and you might win a great prize.

Online Tool Store Back in Business

Ten years after selling their catalog business to Amazon, the original tool E-tailer is back.

Antique Tool Auction this Saturday

754 lots of antique tools and tool collectables are hitting the auction block.

Grizzly Shipping to Canada

Canadian woodworkers can now get Grizzly machinery with less hassle.

New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

Despite improved guards and the addition of riving knives, tablesaw injuries are still alarmingly common.

Cool Accessory for Festool Dust Extractors

For the ultimate in portable dust collection, match an Oneida Dust Deputy to your Festool dust-collecting vacuum.

Hand Tool Auction this Saturday

Hundreds of antique tools hit the auction block this Saturday in York, Pa.

Rockler's LED Mini Work Light Recalled

Defective wiring in Rockler's mini goose-neck light can cause the battery to overheat and explode.

Safety Gear for Kids

Personal protective equipment now comes in kid-friendly sizes.

Are CNC machines ready for Fine Woodworking?

Funiture makers often adopt new technologies to save time and lower costs, but some woodworkers say using CNC machinery isn't woodworking. What do you say?

Wood Working Machinery

Del's machine isn't for working wood, but rather a wooden, working machine.

Happy Holidays from Millers Falls

Old marketing materials offer timeless gift-giving advice.

The Wacky Tool File

Some tool ideas should be left on the drawing board.

New Hand Tools: Happy Holidays to Me

Cutting joints by hand requires a new tool kit.

Cutting Monster Slab Lumber

Ever wonder how to cut huge logs into 3- and 4-foot wide slabs? This might explain it.

Norm Abram at Old Sturbridge Village

Norm dedicates a new exhibit at Old Sturbridge Village and talks about woodworking, his life, and his plans for the future.

Belt Sander Racing Video

Belt sander racing brings new meaning to the expression, "Eat my dust!"

Second-Hand Tools Part 2

After a major overhaul, my $70 benchtop mortiser is ready for action.

Second-Hand Tools

Used tools and equipment are often a good deal, but sometimes you get less than you bargained for.

Grizzly Recalls Bandsaws

Grizzly has recalled several hundred model G0640X 17-inch bandsaws because of a shock hazard.

Just Plane Porn: A Calendar to Drool Over

A 2010 calender featuring vintage hand planes shows American ingenuity at its finest.

What's your favorite hand or power tool?

It might be a family heirloom or it might be brand new, but everybody has a favorite woodworking tool.

Old Machinery

Temporarily deprived of his wood shop, a tool addict finds solace at the Connecticut Antique Machinery Association Museum.

Ridgid Tablesaw Recall

Some Ridgid model 4511 granite-topped, tablesaws are being recalled for faulty blade arbors.

Benchtop Tablesaws: We Want Your Feedback

Fine Woodworking is planning a head-to-head test of benchtop tablesaws for our annual Tools and Shops issue and we'd like your input.

Biscuit shaped connector for RTA furniture

Lamello's Clamex makes it easy to build and assemble flat-pack furniture.

New euro-style cabinet hinges have soft-close feature built in

With the soft-close mechanism tucked inside the hinge cup, Clip top Blumotion hinges provide an uncluttered look, but they won't be available till this time next year.

Disposable cups fit most gravity-feed spray guns

Resealable plastic cups for spray guns make saving finishes and cleanup easier.

Ready-made jigs from Rockler mean you can start working on your project right away.

Tapering and box-joint jigs from Rockler set up fast.

2009 belt sander racing season wraps up with championship at AWFS

Fine Woodworking followed veteran racer Scott Rhodes and his tricked-out Valkryie belt sander at the 2009 world championship race.

Grass' Unisoft adjustable soft-close works with virtually any self-closing hinge.

Complete with an integral mounting bracket, the adjustable soft-close works with face-frame and frameless cabinets and is suitable for new and retrofit applications.

New router bits make beaded face frames easier

New beading bits and a specialty bit for stile and rail intersections from Kreg eliminates applied moldings and speeds assembly.

Tool Chest Contest Winner Claims Prize

Tool Chest Contest winner, Gregg Novosad of Palatine, Ill claims his prize at the 2009 AWFS Fair.

Makita shows off new 10-inch slider at AWFS Fair

With a crosscut capacity that rivals 12-inch models, Makita's new 10-inch sliding miter saw looks like a winner.

Moving with Tools

How much does it cost for a moving company to relocate a small shop 300 miles?

Recent comments

Re: What Really Happens on a Fine Woodworking Photo Shoot

You've got chops, Rollie! Mighty fine whistlin too.

Re: Video Tour: Garage Shop Makeover

Great video Mike, Ed. The transitions (entry door, attic door)are fun.

Re: New 12-inch Miter Saw from Bosch

At nearly 40, you flatter me Kitsteiner.

Your point about hearing protection is a valid one. The saw is quiet, but I plead guilty as charged. My seamless delivery might make it less obvious (HA!), but that video was shot almost off-the-cuff, so I forgot to put on my earplugs before pulling the trigger. Thanks for the reminder.

Re: What I Know Now: Letters to My Beginning Woodworker Self

Great post, Stephany. I look forward to future installments.

Re: New 12-inch Miter Saw from Bosch

Not true, Buckeye. The machine is 120v.

Re: New 12-inch Miter Saw from Bosch

Hi Stu,

Yes, the Hitachi has been out for a few years. It saves space behind the saw with a slide mechanism that points toward the front. The Festool Kapex also has a slide mechanism that points forward. I think Bosch is the first modern saw with the hinge setup.

The blade wrench rides on the saw and there is an arbor lock for easier blade changes. In a small stroke of brilliance bosch put a smaller hex wrench on the other end of the blade wrench that fits some of the saws's other adjustments.

There's no work light, but a laser (Bosch part LS010) is available. Dust collection seems to be about on par as other sliders.

Re: How to Handle Small Parts Without Losing any Fingers

Nice job, Matt.

Re: New Sliding Miter Saw from Bosch

Good question, Bunkey. I've added a photo that shows the dust hood and hose connection. See above. I'd say the system is on par with all the other miter saws I've used. I suspect Bosch decided these tools are mostly sold to carpenters and homebuilders who use them outside, so they gave the dust collection system less emphasis.

It's quite a speciman you have there Mr. Hausch! Is it more of a collectable or do you use it in a commercial setting?

Re: Home Renovation, New Doors

Nice house and a gorgeous door.

Re: Grizzly Shipping to Canada

The brokerage fees spelled out in the link above seem reasonable to me. Maybe Grizzly has arranged for special rates.

Re: Grizzly Shipping to Canada

Thanks Charlton. Was this your first experience with Grizzly? How much we're the brokerage fees, if I may ask?

Re: New Study Discusses Tablesaw Injuries

I don't have any real suggestions, Ed. From my understanding, the 2005 rule only applies to new models, so even though your saw is relatively new it was likely introduced well before the new rule took effect. I'd call delta and ask what, if anything, can be done to make you saw safer.

Re: Scraptacular Bin

Very nice! I love organized scraps.

Re: Cool Accessory for Festool Dust Extractors

Good question, Aroonstock.

Thanks for the help, Steve.

Re: Cutting Monster Slab Lumber

It's a good question, Chris. Besides a slab table, our only thought is you'd have to saw up these big hunks into something more manageable. Of course, the obvious advantage is that you'll have great color ad grain match with all your lumber coming from the same big board. Although I think it would be tough both physicaly and mentally sawing such a nice, big piece of material into something more-ordinary.

Re: Spalt Your Own Lumber: Zone lines get even more mysterious

Hi Sara,

I think your blog posts are well-written and extremly interesting. The photography is great too. Keep up the good work!


Re: Chest with a workspace

I love that you used some salvaged material.

Re: Moving with Tools

Thanks for the welcome, Chuck. My "shop" has been in Stowe, VT, so I know a little about New England winters. I'm hoping to work year round now. I have been trading the tools for cross-country skis during the cold weather.

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