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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

The jury should have been judged incompetent. The guy was using no fence, no miter gauge. So he was free-handing a rip on a table saw with something like 60 minutes experience? What's the difference between him and someone who lights off four sticks of dynamite under a stump while they stand five feet away?

A big problem in this country is the absence of personal responsibility under the law. Ryobi should appeal this one to the Supreme Court.

Re: Dovetailed drawers are overrated

There's nothing quite like a dovetail joint, unless it's a Japanese joint. But that "nothing quite like" feeling mostly resides with the woodworker; dovetails are beautiful, but more than that they're personal. A drawer with a solid wood face that's put together with pocket joints is a drawer every bit as strong and beautiful. The pocket joints are hidden. My first table was built by hand. The mortises were chiseled, the tenons were hand-sawn, the dovetails on the drawers were drawn out and hand-cut. We love that table--but the entertainment center I'm building from maple won't have dovetailed drawers. It will have solid wood drawer boxes with solid wood faces--and pocket screws holding everything together (pocket screws that will never be seen). I'm certain I will love it just as much as that hand-chiseled table.

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