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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

It is a shame that the man was injured. However, to hold the manufacturer liable for what my have been negligent use by the operator or simply an act of God is not a good idea. Over the past four months I have been on a number of jobs and watched the safety practices of others and have found myself simply and quietly moving from the line of fire.

As a furniture maker first and cabinet maker second, I like many of my piers still have all ten digits. This is due to simply following the rules and safety procedures associated with each machine or tool. However the most important aspect is taking my time to do the job.Don't get rushed.

What we have here is the McDonalds coffee cup incident with a table saw. Again I hate to hear of someone being injured, but my chosen field is potentially very dangerous and that is a risk I/we all take and accept as part of our endevors. Short of a machined part failing I do not believe that the jury should have made the award. I hope the appeals process is used by the saw maker.

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