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Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

I find it ironic that numerous posts here rant about the lack of personal responsibility in (place your percentage here) of our society, then go on to blame the lawyers and judges. Wake up people, it wasn't the judge or lawyers who made the decision, it was the jury, our peers, us.

While I am not happy with the verdict because I also believe it is another example of our eroding sense of personal responsibility, I will not pass the buck.

The law is created by legislators,the guys and gals we elect and re-elect year after year. We sit back with the complacent/safe mentality that "all politicians suck",(except mine)so I'll keep voting for him. Then what do we get?

In my opinion if someone has served in the legislature more than two terms, they are no longer working for us. They work for the lobby or interest that gives them enough money to finance their next campaign.

Take a look at Washington right now. You couldn't have a clearer division between the "take care of yourself" and the "I'll take care of you" dynamic, and its seems to be evenly split. Does that mean that half of us want our noses wiped while the other half want to do it ourselves?

We have to get off our collective a***s and do more than complain. The beauty of this country is we can have a revolution every 2, 4 or 6 years, a bloodless one. Its called election day. Time to start over, clean house. Or we can continue to sit back and say "dumb jury, dumb judge, dumb lawyer, I'm so much better and smarter than them, pass me another twinkie".

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