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Re: Hand Tools Reinvented

A good tool does it's job well. These tools I would bet do there job very well. I love that he takes his influence from the steam era. Overbuild and with a sense of the style from that era. Tools for people who appreciate well made tools that are more then just made to function. Tools built to celebrate a craft that function beautifully.
The fact that he does this part time at night after working all day shows that it's a labor of love.
Looking forward to seeing more of his work!!!
Great Story!!!!

Re: China Cabinet

This is beautiful I would like to make something like i for our dinning room. Would you share dimensions or plans?

Re: Self-Centering Mortising Base for the Router

The idea is good. The suggestions for a clear base are spot on.
Thanks all!

Re: Timber Bench

As a big guy I love great designs that are artful yet solid and strong. Very Nice!

Re: Humidor for life

awesome great work. Very inspiring!

Re: The Editors Mailbox Has a New Home

I really enjoy your videos. I am wondering if you will someday in the future have high def videos so that we can watch them in full screen mode with a sharper image?

Re: New Yankee Workshop Series Ends

This is a said day. I'm hoping someone like DIY will talk Norm in to doing another show on wood working or wood working tool use and review. I will miss his inspirational shows not just for the projects but because he showed you the possibilities and fun of wood working.

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