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Re: More Details on the Carlos Osorio Tablesaw Lawsuit

Lossing a finger is a bad thing. Its clear tha we need them otherwise we would born with less than 10. But we also born with a brain ( at least most of us). Power tolls, all them comes with the user guide, instructions how to us and safety advisory. I can't understand like most of you how a person can start a saw without any protection. I said a person because its clear that Carlos is not a woodworker. People think that any one using a saw for cutting wood is a woodworker. Well for those like the jury seems to be the reality but it's not.The accident prove my point, any stupid who call himself woodworker who do what he did will probably end up with the same results.
Woodworker also turn on their saws, but a woodworker NEVER forget that before he turns hes saw on to do a cut he FIRST turn on hes BRAIN..

Re: Man Wins Big Money in Tablesaw Lawsuit

Any excuse iS good to do easy money. Sorry for the injury to mr Osorio. Its not easy loose fingers but as everybody already expresed here tool was not the fault.

Salesman create on you the think of necesity so you think you need the product. That's the first rule on sales. Once you are convince you need the product the next step if buy it. With precaution and knoledge of tool use you can avoid all this.

I have a good idea to avoid this type of accident and its 100 idiot prove. To avoid this just LEAVE MACHINE OFF.

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